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Slam Dunk Contest

1. Numbers will be drawn to determine the order of participation. Participants may not use their own basketball.

2. The smaller NCAA women's ball will be used.

3. No sticky substances are allowed on the hands.

4. There will be 3 rounds. Round 3 will be the finals.

5. Each participant will get 3 dunks per round.

6. The top eight finishers will move to the second round. In the event of a tie, both participants will move onto the second round.

7. The top four finishers will move to the final round. In the event of a tie, both participants will move to the final round.

8. There will be three judges who will score the dunks. Scores will be based on style, creativeness, degree of difficulty, and miss/made.

9. One replacement dunk will be allowed per round for a missed attempt. Scores will range from 1-10 points and will be added for each round.

10. Each round, the scores will be dropped and each contestant will start equally.

11. Hanging on the rim will result in a 10 point deduction.

12. A maximum of five points can be given for a missed dunk.

13. Each contestant will be allowed one missed dunk and one retry per round, 4 attempts for 3 dunks.

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