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1. All tournaments are double elimination competition.

2. You must furnish your own racquet and two balls of championship (USTA) condition.

3. Official tennis rules will apply. There will be no officials, players must call their own lines.

4. A match will consist of the best 2 out of 3 sets.

5. When the score is tied at 6-6, use the following rules for the nine point tie breaker:

  • Singles: Five out of seven points singles: if it is player A's turn to serve the 13th game (at 6-6) he/she shall serve points 1 and 2, right court and left court. Player B then serves points 3 and 4, right then left. Players then change ends and A serves points 5 and 6 (R and L). Player B then serves point 7 from the right or left court at the election of Player A. The first to win 5 points shall serve first in the next set. The players shall "stay for one" after a tie breaker.
  • Doubles: (A and B vs. C and D) In doubles, the same format as in singles applies, provided that each player shall serve from the same end of the court in the tie breaker game that he/she has served from during that particular set. Player A shall serve points 1 and 2 (R and L). Player D then serves 3 and 4 (R and L). Player B serves points 5 and 6 (R and L). Player C serves points 7 and 8 (R and L). Note: this procedure calls for partners of second serving team to serve in reverse sequence. If the score reaches 4-4, Player C serves point 9 from the right or left court at the election of the receiving team.

6. All matches will be played by the given time frame or the participant(s) will be assumed forfeited.

7. All matches will be played behind Cunningham Hall.

8. A participant in the doubles tournament may not change their partner after their first match has been played.

9. All match results should be reported to the Intramural Office.

10. In order to reduce stagnation of play, be sure your time commitments permit availability for the duration of the tournament before entering.

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