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Starting and Finishing

1. A roster may consist of no more than 10. A team can start and finish with a minimum of 4 players.

2. A team shall consist of 6 players; three front-court and three back-court. In Co-Rec play, serving order and positions on the floor must be an alternation of male and female.

3. A coin toss determines first set service, which alternates second set and third set.

4. A team may start and finish with four players. In Co-Rec play, there must be an equal number of males and females.

Forfeit Time

5. A team not ready to play at the scheduled time will forfeit the first set. In ten additional minutes they shall forfeit the match.

General Rules

6. The officials will be the scorekeepers and timers. Their decision governing time and score will be official.

7. The Intramural Sports supervisor and officials will not tolerate continued abusive language or actions from coaches, participants or spectators. If such disruptive and poor sportsmanship behavior persists, individuals and/or teams may be asked to leave the playing area.

8. In Co-Rec, the basic alignment on the court must be in alternating position. Male-Female-Male

9. The server must start behind the black line. If the serve hits any part of the basketball goal or cables it is a side-out.

10. Only players in the front row may block or spike from the front row. A team may not have more than three front row players; however a back row player may play the ball in the front court as long as the ball is not spiked.

11. If a back row player at the net along with blockers, lifts hands or arms toward the ball and is touched by the ball or the ball touches any of the players in the block, it is a fault, back line players do not have the right to participate in a block.

12. Back row players may spike the ball, if their take off is behind the 10 foot line.

13. Each team must rotate its members clockwise on the serve.

14. The ball may be contacted with any part of the body above and including the waist.

15. The ball may not visibly come to rest (momentarily) on a player. The ball must be clearly hit. Scooping, lifting, pushing or carrying the ball shall be considered holding, which is illegal.

16. In almost all cases, any underhand hits contacted with palm of the hand will be considered illegal.

17. A player may not contact the ball twice in succession; however, any player participating in a block in which the ball is contacted simultaneously with a teammate shall have the right to make the next contact. Such contact will count as the first of three contacts allowed by the team.

18. A team may not contact the ball more than 3 times in attempting to send it over the net. In the case of simultaneous block, three hits are allowed after the block itself. In Co-Rec play, when the ball is played more than once by a team, one of these contacts must be by both genders.

19. A player may step on the centerline but not completely over the center line.

20. A player is not allowed to spike the ball when it is on opponent's side of the net.

21. MULTIPLE CONTACT RULE: A ball may contact several parts of the body at the same time, but if it does not do so simultaneously, this constitutes the fault or double hit.

22. A rotation method of serving will be utilized with new players entering at the server position.

23. Service

  1. If the server throws the ball in the air, but does not hit it and if it touches with some part of the server's body as it falls, this counts as a fault.
  2. Service cannot be made with two hands.
  3. Service is a fault if it is not made following the rotation order.
  4. Service must be made as soon as the referee blows the whistle.

24. It is illegal to attack or break the boundary of the net on service.

25. During volleys, you may play the ball off ceiling obstructions on your side of the court.

26. A hand may touch the centerline, but if it goes over it will be considered a fault.

27. You may reach over the net to block a ball being returned, but you may not block a set because it is not being returned.

Time-Time Outs

28. Each team will be allowed one thirty second time-out per set. One minute between games.


29. A set will consist of 15 points. A team must win by two points. The first team to win 2 out of 3 sets wins the match. Time limit per match is 45 minutes. No time limit during championship match. At the end of time, the team ahead in game 3 will be the winner. In the third set, speed scoring will be used.


30. Swearing on the court results in a warning for the first offense. Any subsequent offenses will result in a point or side-out awarded to the opposing team each offense.

31. Teams are responsible for the behavior of their coaches and spectators at all times.

32. Anyone who is ejected from a set for any reason will be suspended from the next two games.

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