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Wiffle Ball

1. Teams will be composed of 5 players. Teams must have 4 players to start and 4 to finish. (Co-rec can be divided 3 and 2 either way)

2. 5 players can bat, 5 fielders. Batting order must stay the same.

3. Each team will provide their own pitcher, who will be one of the 5 players on a team.

4. Teams must field a catcher.

5. Games will be 6 innings or 50 minutes.

6. Run Rule: 15 runs after 4 innings, 10 runs after 5 innings.

7. 3 outs per inning.

8. A batter can have a maximum of 4 pitches. If a batter does not hit any of the 4 pitches, they will be out. 2 strikes will be an out. All foul balls and foul tips will count as a strike. A foul on the fourth pitch will be an out. No walks will be issued.

9. The ball can not make contact with the ground prior to being hit.

10. A ball that hits a basketball goal, wall, or ceiling is considered live and can be caught for an out.

11. Outs can be made by:

  1. Catching a fly ball, fair or foul.
    • Hit with ball off base
    • Touched with ball off base
    • Force play as in base ball
  2. A batter gets 2 strikes.
  3. Foul Pitches

12. Pitchers must pitch overhand, no underhand pitches. The pitchers foot must remain in contact with the pitcher's mound during the pitch.

13. Pitcher cannot interfere with a batted ball.

  • Intentional interference - Batter is out
  • Unintentional interference - Batter will bat again with same strike count

14. No base stealing.

15. Players will umpire and score keep their own games. A supervisor will be on hand to settle any disputes.

16. No bunting.

17. No gloves may be worn.

18. Intramural Rec. will provide all equipment.

Playing Field

19. Pitching mound will be 36 feet (12 paces) from home plate. Distance between bases will be 36 feet (12 paces).

20. Interference or contact by the runner with a fielder will result in that runner being called out.

21. A Potential Home Run can be caught as long as the fielder has at least one foot inside fair territory when the ball is caught. Home run force is only above the paint change area on the back wall.

22. Game time is forfeit time.

23. All other Intramural Rules and Policies will apply.

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