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General Information

Types of Competition

1. Competition in team sports is represented by clubs, dorms, Greek houses, and independents for both men and women.

2. Individual and dual sports are run in one bracket with all individuals competing against each other for the championships.

3. Champions are decided in team sports by championship playoffs, which are preceded by a divisional playoff.

Entry Fees - Forfeits

1. An entry fee will be charged for each team sport at the following costs:

Bowling 20.00
Sand Volleyball 30.00
Football 45.00
Volleyball 45.00
Softball 45.00
Basketball 60.00
Fantasy Football 10.00
Mud Volleyball 50.00

2. If a team forfeits a game or misses a mandatory captain's meeting, they must pay another $10.00 forfeit fee to continue to play. MORE THAN TWO FORFEITS = NO PLAYOFFS


1. No scheduled intramural contest may be postponed without the unanimous agreement of managers/captains or both teams AND the Im-Rec office at least 24 hours ahead of the scheduled contest.

2. In case of bad or threatening weather, the Im-Rec office will reschedule those contests involved, when possible.

Field and Court Conduct of Players & Fans

A major objective of the FHSU Intramural program is that good sportsmanship is vital to the conduct of every contest. In order to maintain this philosophy, each participant is accountable for his/her actions and each team manager/captain is responsible for the actions of the team members as well as team spectators.


Schedules will be made available to all team members the day after an activity Captain's Meeting. Schedules may be picked up during regular working hours at the Im-Rec Office. The Intramural Department WILL NOT be responsible for sending out schedules or notifying captains of schedule changes unless changes occur within 24 hours of the particular contest.

Scheduled Time

All matches and games are scheduled for a specific hour and date. Any individual or team who fails to appear 10 minutes after scheduled time automatically forfeits that contest.

Lost & Found

The Im-Rec Office holds found items for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, items are turned over to the general collection containment device (trash can). In the event the item is of value to others, after the two weeks waiting period, the item may be donated to the FHSU Im-Rec department for use as the directors sees fit.

Game Officials

The success of the Intramural Sports program is contingent upon the quality of its sports officials and participants. Intramural contests are officiated by fellow Fort Hays State students. They are not professionals and are paid modestly for the service they perform. They deserve and expect your cooperation, respect and sportsmanlike behavior. We train the student workers to perform these jobs and we expect them to officiate to the best of their ability. We invite you to apply for the student officials' job available in our Intramural Sports Program.


Team Sports:
Intramural Championship t-shirts will be presented to winning teams. Shorts will go to winners of post season tournaments. The team captain of the championship team is required to turn in a list of shirt sizes to the Intramural Director after the championship playoff games.

Individual/Dual Sports:
Top finishers in Individual/ Dual sports will receive t-shirts.

Alcohol & Tobacco

All alcoholic beverages and all tobacco products are not permitted at any Intramural event. Violators will be asked to leave the playing area. Teams are responsible for the action of their teammates and fans.

Captain's Meeting

A MANDATORY Captain's Meeting to be attended by all captains of team sports, will be held before the league is scheduled. Rules and schedules will be gone over at this time (please check Im-Rec sports book, or the Schedules page for scheduled meeting times). Any team not having a representative at these meetings will be fined $10.00. Persons not on a team but looking for one may attend these meetings also. All meetings are open to everyone.

Defaulted Game Forms

A defaulted game form may be completed if your team is unable to play a game which is scheduled. The game will still be recorded at a LOSS; however it takes TWO DEFAULTS to equal one forfeit. If you do not complete a defaulted form by 2:00 p.m. the day of the scheduled event, the game will be considered a forfeit. Forms are available in the Im-Rec Director's office.


All protests must be submitted in writing to the Intramural Director at least 24 hours after the incident. Protests may be made on the playing of an ineligible player or rule interpretation. Under no circumstances will an official's judgment be grounds for a protest. All written protests will be handled by the Intramural Director and the Intramural Sports Council Protest Committee. After receiving the protest, information of the protest will be clarified and the protest committee will respond no later than two days excluding Saturday and Sunday. During playoffs, the response will be the following day. All decisions of the Intramural Director &/or Intramural Sports Council Protest Committee are FINAL.

Additions to the Roster

Additions can be made until two weeks prior to the last regular season game. All additions must be made by 3:00pm, in the Im-Rec office, to be eligible for that days' play. No roster additions are allowed at game time.

Tie Breaker

Ties will be resolved in the following way:

  1. Head to Head
  2. Least amount of forfeits
  3. Least points given up
  4. Most points scored (Excluding Volleyball)
  5. Forfeits will count as:
Softball 7-0
Volleyball 15-0
Football 21-0
Basketball 49-0
3-on-3 Basketball 25-0
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