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Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance, Sports and Exercise Therapy option

The Sport and Exercise Therapy concentration in Health and Human Performance is designed as a guide to assist students in their preparation for entrance application for professional programs in physical therapy, physician's assistant and occupational therapy. Individuals wishing to enter a professional health program should pursue an undergraduate major in the discipline of their choice, but should take whatever additional courses may be necessary as prerequisites for admission to the specific professional school of interest.

Students are encouraged to locate the specific admissions requirement for the school of interest and work with their program advisor to ensure that all admissions requirements are met prior to graduation from Fort Hays State University.

Your 120- hour degree program of study includes:

  • a 55-hour university general education program
  • a 25-hour core of professional courses common to all Health and Human Performance majors, and
  • a 21-hour Sport and Exercise Therapy Concentration Core
  • 18 cognate hours

Program Summary

General Education (55 hours)

Health and Human Performance Core (25 hours)

HHP 155 Weight Training (1)
HHP 201 Concepts in Fitness (1)
HHP 210 Introduction to HHP (3)
HHP 220 Responding to Emergencies (3)
HHP 280 Care & Prevention of Exercise and Sport Injuries (3)
HHP 330 Adapted/Special P.E. (3)
HHP 340 Tests & Measurements (2)
HHP 390 Physiology of Exercise (3)
HHP 440 Kinesiology (3)
HHP 450 Program Organization and Admin. (3)

Concentration Core (21 hours)

HHP 230 Principles of Nutrition (3)
ATEP 310 A/C of Musculoskeletal Conditions I (3)
ATEP 320 A/C of Musculoskeletal Conditions II (3)
ATEP 410 A/C of General Medical Conditions (3)
HHP 445 Clinical Exercise Physiology (3)
HHP 447 Inst. In Exercise Physiology (3)
HHP 465 Internship in HHP (3-4)

Cognate Hours (18 hours)

TEEL 231 Human Growth and Development (3)
BIOL 240 Microbiology for Allied Health & Lab (3)
BIOL 245 Medical Terminology (2)
BIOL 345 Human Anatomy & Lab (4)
BIOL 346 Human Physiology (4)

Recommended General Education Courses

These courses are recommended in order to satisfy admission requirements of many professional programs. They can be taken as a part of the 55 hour General Education requirement and the remaining selections are considered general electives.

MATH 110 College Algebra (3)
BIOL 180 Principles of Biology (3)
BIOL 180L Lab Experience in Biology (3)
CHEM 120 University Chemistry I (3)
CHEM 120L University Chemistry Lab (3)
CHEM 122 University Chemistry II (3)
CHEM 122L University Chemistry Lab (3)
MATH 250 Elements of Statistics (3)
MATH 331 Calculus Methods (3)
PHYS 111 Physics I (4)
PHYS 111L Physics I Lab (1)
PHYS 112 Physics II (4)
PHYS 112L Physics II Lab (1)
IDS 350 Diversity in the United States Political Science (3)
PSY 100 General Psychology (3)
PSY 300 Abnormal Psychology (3)
SOC 140 Introduction to Sociology (3)
IDS 400 Bioethics (3)

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