Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance

Concentration in Recreation and Sports Management

If you pursue a degree in recreation and sports management, you will take a variety of courses in health and wellness, physical education, leisure programming, and business, which prepares you for a broad range of careers. Your 124-hour program of study includes:

  • a 55-hour university general education program
  • a 25-hour core of professional courses common to all Health and Human Performance majors, and
  • a Recreation and Sports Management core curriculum
  • electives in a.) health promotion and wellness,b.) fitness programming and management or c.) clinical exercise physiology


General Education Program

To earn a degree from Fort Hays State University, you must complete a 55-hour general education program. This program has two major components - Foundation Studies and Liberal Arts. You will work with an academic advisor to select a series of general education courses to complement your program of study.

Health and Human Performance Core

All Health and Human Performance majors, regardless of concentration, take the same core courses, totaling 25hours:

Course # Course Name Credits
HHP 155 Weight Training and Conditioning 1
HHP 201 Concepts of Physical Fitness 1
HHP 210 Introduction to Health and Human Performance 3
HHP 220 Responding to Emergencies 3
HHP 280 Care and Prevention of Exercise and Sport Injuries 3
HHP 330 Adapted/Special Physical Education 3
HHP 340 Tests and Measurements in HHP 2
HHP 390 Physiology of Exercise 3
HHP 440 Kinesiology 3
HHP 450 Program Organization and Administration 3


Recreation and Sports Management Core Curriculum

Course # Course Name Credits
HHP variable Aquatics 1-3
HHP 151 Aerobic Dancing 1
HHP 172 Wilderness Skills 1
HHP 260 Introduction to Lifetime Sports 1
HHP 261 Introduction to Racquet Sports 1
HHP 262 Introduction to Team Sports 1
HHP 263 Introduction to Field Sports 1
HHP 272 Recreation Leadership 2
HHP 275 Adventure Education 1
HHP 370 Intramural Programs 2
HHP 371 Leisure Programming 3
HHP 380 Techniques of Officiating 3
HHP 480 Leisure Programming for the Elderly 2
HHP 465 Internship in Human Performance 4-12
HHP 471 Outdoor Recreation 3
ACCT 203 Financial Accounting 3


Plus six hours from the following:

Course # Course Name Credits
ACCT 204 Managerial Accounting 3
MGT 301 Management Principles 3
POLS 310 Introduction to Public Administration 3
COMM 345 Desktop Publishing 3
COMM 6408 Public Relations 3


Choose electives to bring Department/Major Requirements to a minimum of 69 total credit hours.

Course # Course Name Credits
HHP 231 Children's Rhythm and Movement 3
HHP 240 Water Safety Instructor 3
HHP 242 Lifeguard Training and Lifeguard Instructor 3
HHP 290 Introduction to Coaching 2
HHP 312 Fitness Leadership 2
HHP 313 Health Promotion and Wellness 3
HHP 631 Motor Development of Special Population 3
HHP 633 Assessment and Planning in Adapted/Special Programs 3
MGT 604 Management of Small Business 3
CIS 304 Management Information Systems 3