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A welcome from President Martin

Dr. MartinWe are excited to learn you have chosen or you are considering to join the Fort Hays State University family. Welcome! Today is an opportunity for you to share in the "new beginnings" of our University by becoming a member of our Honors College. Together, we have the opportunity to celebrate our common bonds and to affirm our faith in a brilliant future. Your commitment to excellence, as exemplified through your extensive academic and community achievements, make you a superb candidate for our Honors College.

In his introduction to the centennial history of Fort Hays State University, Dr. James Forsythe recognized the “special destiny” of our University - a place we call home. It is a destiny animated by “the pioneering spirit” of our community. At the heart of this pioneering spirit is an unshakeable belief in a better tomorrow; a better tomorrow made possible by higher education. Our community understands higher education is both a key to an enriched intellectual life and a powerful engine for innovation and progress.

As Abigail Adams once wrote, “Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought with ardor and vigilance.” Fulfilling our mission will require us to attract more talent, more partners, more investors, more students, and more resources to our university and to our region. How will we do this? How will we make Fort Hays State University, in the broadest possible sense, the “destination of choice?”

The answer lies in the quality of our people and programs, the inclusiveness of our culture, and the transformational power of our commitment to entrepreneurship, innovation, student success and scholarship. We will utilize our strengths to the fullest. We will continue to develop programs of distinction across the breadth of our university to meet the ever-changing needs of Kansas, the nation and the world.

Our Honors College is a program of distinction. It is designed to welcome to our University family our country's brightest minds. You have the unique opportunity to join our inaugural class. You will be challenged, nurtured, invigorated and you will love every minute of it!

Come join the Tiger family! Come and make history at Fort Hays State University! We are eager to welcome you!

Mirta M. Martin, Ph.D.
Fort Hays State University

2015-2016 Honors College Students

View the list of the 2015-2016 Honors College Students and scholarship recipients.

Honors College Brochure

Honors College Brochure

Contact Us

Matt Means, Director, FHSU Honors College, Forsyth Library Room 74
mmeans@fhsu.edu, 785-628-4748 (email is best)

Anthony Llamas, Administrative Assistant, Honors College, Forsyth Library Room 72
arllamas@fhsu.edu, 785-628-4744

Reinette Strydom, President, Fort Hays Honor Society, Forsyth Library Room 72
fhsuhonorscollege@fhsu.edu, 785-628-4744

Samantha Rohleder, Student Associate Coordinator, Honors College, Forsyth Library Room 72, 785-628-4744

Faith Edwards, Student Assistant Coordinator and Peer Mentor Program Co-Director, Honors College, Forsyth Library Room 72, 785-628-4744

Jensen Scheele, Honors College Peer Mentor Program Co-Director, Forsyth Library Room 72, 785-628-4744

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