Future Honors College Students


1. Do Honors College students have input in the governance and direction of the unit?

-Absolutely! We feel that the best way to develop student potential is through hands-on application and experience. The FHSU Honors College is fully committed to shared governance and the inclusion of students in major roles in the HC.


2. What makes FHSU's Honors College different from other honors programs?

-Three things are noteworthy about our Honors College: 1) we are fully committed to student empowerment and leadership potential. Our Personal Development Institute is designed to make student members more than just academic success stories. We want our Honors College members to have a societal impact in their many current and future communities. 2) Honors support is a university priority and honors students here will have a pivotal and exciting role shaping the direction of honors programming in a way not possible at long-established programs. 3) we truly view our Honors College students as family. While they are students, they are also our future. We love our Honors College students and would open up our home and lives to any of them. It is very important to us, through social activities and regular contact, that our Honors College students are supported as people and not just numbers or statistics. They are not here as trophies for university recognition: they are friends, eminently worthy of support and encouragement, and are people who should be given every opportunity to dream big dreams and think big thoughts.

3. Can I pick my roommate on the Honors floor?

-Every attempt will be made to accommodate your request.

4. Will I have the opportunity to engage in research with professors?

-Absolutely! FHSU's Undergraduate Research Experience initiative is a university highlight and strongly encourages partnerships between faculty and students, even from early points in a student's collegiate career. URE staff are fully supportive of Honors College students and any desire they might have to expand their education by engaging in one-to-one research with faculty from their major. Go to the URE for more info.

5. I am far from Kansas and may not have a chance to visit before I apply. Can you give me more information about FHSU and the community?

-Certainly. This link will take you to general information about FHSU: http://www.fhsu.edu/about/university-overview/ This link will take you to more information about Hays: http://www.fhsu.edu/visitors/About-Hays/

6. What does the admissions committee consider important when selecting new Honors College members?

The Honors College admissions committee is an extremely focused and dedicated group of seven students, faculty, and staff members who review carefully each application. All components of each file are reviewed by each committee member, from the letter of recommendation, to the resume, to the short answer questions and the video interview. It is ESSENTIAL that the writtenmaterial exhibit exemplary command of the English language, with no grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. The responses are the committee's main source of insight into the applicant's personality, thinking, and potential. Applicants that have a clear focus and desire for their future, as well as applicants that display an ability to bridge and draw connections between disparate elements in their personality (and the world) are at an advantage. Further, the impact of listed resume leadership roles is important: an applicant that can show deep and lasting impact in a small number of leadership roles (by dramatically growing organization size, role, or accomplishment for example) would be at an advantage compared to an applicant that lists 15 organizations with little leadership experience or executive impact.

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