Student Services and Resources for Nationally Competitive Scholarships

You may be asking yourself, "If these scholarships are really competitive, it seems like a long shot. Why should I bother applying?" It is true that not everyone who applies wins an award, but it is also true that 100% of those who do not apply do not win, either.

So here is why you should consider applying: students who have applied say that the application process is rewarding and educational whether or not they win. Applicants develop skills used later in life, such as proposal writing and interviewing, and receive personalized mentoring that can help them determine long-term goals and assist them throughout their educational experience. Many awards also name semifinalists or honorable mention awards that can lead to other opportunities.


Your Nationally Competitive Scholarships Advisor can offer you

  • Advice on programs and activities to strengthen your educational experience;
  • Information on fellowships and other opportunities to help you achieve your goals;
  • Support and assistance leading to and throughout the fellowship application process, including how to strengthen essays and interview skills; and
  • Guidance for securing strong letters of recommendation.

How do I get started?

The following items are some "homework" that you should expect to do as part of the advising process. You are welcome to get started on your own, but you don't have to complete these items before meeting with me for the first time. To set up an appointment with me, fill out the Contact Form for Students. You are also welcome to email me, Dr. Bartlett, any time at labartlett@fhsu.edu.

  • Think about your goals, and write down what you want to achieve in your academic life and future career.
  • Update your resume, or if you haven't started one yet, gather information you might need and start working on one. You can use the guidance of websites like the Purdue OWL, or make an appointment for help with Career Services or a Writing Center consultant at FHSU.
  • Take a look at some of the websites for programs listed here and some of the databases of awards that are linked to on this page, some of which let you filter the listings in different ways. These will give you some idea of what these awards may offer you (and possibly require of you!). Develop a list of some you might like to apply for.
  • Think about which faculty members you have worked with on projects to develop a list of potential mentors and references. You may also consider community organization leaders or other mentors you have worked with on projects for this list.

What should I expect?

These applications can require considerable effort and time, and you may spend 2 to 4 months working on the application and gathering supporting materials. One benefit of the process, though, is that it will also develop your skills and prepare you for applications for other awards, for graduate or professional school, or for jobs. You will have a much more clearly defined sense of yourself and your goals at the end of the process as well.


Personal Statements

Foundation Pages: These are the websites of the organizations that offer some of the major awards.

Database Pages: These databases offer listings for many awards beyond the major ones listed above, including some that are more specific in their disciplinary focus or desired applicant pool.



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