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Every business can benefit from the preparation of a carefully written business plan. A business plan allows you to develop goals and strategies for your business. This guide will provide an outline in organizing your effort to gather and evaluate information about your business. As you gather information, you can begin the process of writing your business plan. By planning your business needs, you will develop an essential part of the business - its strategy.  Effectively completed, your business plan must identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that may affect your business and the strategy you will use to succeed.  This outline is intended to serve as a guide for an operational business plan written in a narrative format. It explores all aspects of a business operation. It will:

  • help you think through any project and ensure that you have considered all of your options and anticipated any potential difficulties;
  • convince potential lenders and investors that you are in control of the project and that their money will be safe with you;
  • serve as a road map for the success of your business.

Traditional Business Plan

The Traditional Business Plan lists key topics that should be included in narrative (story) form and standard financial statement format.  Start with "The Business" section. "The Cover Sheet", "Table of Contents" and "The Executive Summary" shoudl be written last.  The final product should be tailored to fit your business circumstances and personality.  Click here to download the Business Planning Guide for a Tradtional Business Plan!

Lean Business Plan

There are three rules for writing a lean business plan: 1. Keep it short. 2. Know your audience. 3. Don't be intimidated. Here we have How to Write a Lean Business Plan and the Outline for a Lean Business Plan


For more information on building your business plan, please view the link below.

Business Plan Creator 


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