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Foundation Courses

(12 hours for non-business majors)

The FHSU MBA requires a base level of knowledge for graduate work in business. Many students will have obtained this level of knowledge through an undergraduate degree in business. Students lacking an undergraduate business degree or specific undergraduate courses aligning with the MBA Core will take "leveling" courses to provide an appropriate foundation for academic success.

GBUS 801: Survey of Economics for MBAs

This course will familiarize students with economic principles and analytical techniques so that modern business practices can be understood, appreciated and implemented. The course combines basic quantitative and financial tools with the fundamental principles of micro and macroeconomics, including the growing importance of international production and distribution.

GBUS 802: Management and Marketing Concepts for MBAs

A survey course addressing the key elements of managerial and marketing theory and practice. Management concepts studied include leadership, organizational design and behavior, environmental and cultural considerations, decision making, planning and control, and strategic management. Marketing concepts studied include the evolution of the marketing function, a survey of the uncontrollable environment, an examination of the marketing mix, and the integration of these topics into the development of a marketing plan.

GBUS 803: Accounting Theories and Practice for MBAs

An overview of accounting and its basic analytical techniques. This course introduces the components of the accounting system, covers how to read and interpret the major financial statements, and shows how to apply accounting information in the most commonly occurring managerial tasks. It serves as a background for the study of management practices in planning, monitoring, and controlling as enterprise.

GBUS 804: Financial and Quantitative Methods for MBAs

An intensive study of the financial decision-making of a business. Topics include: financial statement analysis, time value of money, risk and return, valuation, capital budgeting, cost of capital, capital structure decisions, working capital management, and international financial management.

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