Institute for New Media Studies

The Institute for New Media Studies is dedicated to the transdisciplinary study of new media as it impacts human communication. Our primary laboratory and collaboration space is room 106 in Malloy Hall; however, we work with students, faculty, and community members wherever they may be.

New media studies is the intersection of culture, communication, and technology through a lens of disruption and convergence. It is a transdisciplinary field leveraging a number of advanced methods that look at the complicated connections between people and technologies, both established and bleeding edge. 

The purpose of the institute is to serve Fort Hays State University’s strategic initiatives through the lens of new media. The institute is modeled after various internationally recognized research programs such as the MIT Media Lab, Electronic Visualization Laboratory, and fusion centers such as those developed by the Department of Homeland Security.

Goals of the Institute:

  • Provide the resources and environments conducive to rapid development of nationally competitive new media research as applied to any scholarly discipline
  • Proceed with fundamental new media research as FHSU’s Blue Skies “Sandbox” where university leadership can experiment with technological approaches to initiatives, rapidly testing and evaluating ideas before investing significant resources
  • Promote entrepreneurship in Kansas by connecting fundamental research and commercial endeavors in ways that serve the citizens of Hays and Kansas
  • Procure advanced research opportunities by developing external funding sources, public and private institutional partners, and serving existing programs
  • Profit from developing and leveraging intellectual properties in the 21st century economy of ideas

Faculty are welcome to utilize the lab’s resources to support their teaching efforts and pursue their own unique research agendas as they intersect with new media approaches.

Students are highly encouraged to take advantage of the lab by tackling class projects in a more advanced way, partnering with faculty members to work on individual research, and seeking guidance in their own independent studies.

Visit the different sections of this site by clicking on the menu tabs on the left side of the page. In particular, check out some of our current and past projects, news or accomplishments, and our various partners. Contact us anytime with questions or ideas about how our work in new media can connect with your own.

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