Fort Hays State professor awarded grant from National Science Foundation


HAYS, Kan. – Dr. Hendratta Ali, associate professor of geosciences at Fort Hays State University, has received a grant from the National Science Foundation.

The grant will offer international research experience in STEM subjects for students from the United States.

The project is titled “Collaborative Research: IRES Track: US - Cameroon Collaboration Investigating Anthropogenic Perturbations on Carbon Cycling in an Urbanized Tropical Estuary.”

The purpose of the grant is to “investigate the impact of human activities estuaries by characterizing the movement of carbon between the sediments on the sea floor, the water column and the atmosphere,” said Ali. Research will take place in the Atlantic estuary located in the Gulf of Guinea, located on the coast of West Africa.

Working with Ali and FHSU is the University of Delaware. “This is called a linked award. We will both work on the same project but the financial responsibilities are shared between our two schools,” said Ali.

The grant totals $300,000. Of that amount, FHSU will directly receive $120,426 to put towards the project.

Students from all of the U.S. who are interested in or study STEM disciplines such as geosciences, chemistry, and biological sciences can apply to work on the project.

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