Copier/MFD Contract Information

The new Konica-Minolta Copier / MFD Contract is with SumnerOne/Unisource Document Products (UDP):

Bizhub Equipment Training Videos

Konica-Minolta MFD Contract #17010701 (11/1/17 through 10/31/22)

SumnerOne Contract Price Sheet

UDP Konica-Minolta MFD Order Form

Copier-MFD Descriptions

Copier-MFD Information

User Guides and Dimensions:

Bizhub 368 and 308

Bizhub 558 and 458

Bizhub C368, C308, and C258

Bizhub Dimensions

For service or supplies, contact: (913) 599-0299, (888) 253-0299, or

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