1.            The Purchasing Procedures and Guidelines are listed below.
                   Complete Purchasing process for Workday is located on the FHSU website:

     2.           Purchasing Thresholds:

                   a.     $25,000 and over for Formal Bids  
                   b.     $3,000 - $24,999.99 for Grants and $5,000 - $24,999.99 for Non-Grants for
                           Informal Bids  
                   c.     $3,000 or greater for Grants and $5,000 or greater than Non-Grants for Prior
                   d.     Less than $3,000 for Grants and Less than $5,000 for Non-Grants for Regular

     3.           Once the bid process is finished, the appropriate Online Workflow Form (which replaces
                   Lotus Notes) will be completed.  Exceptions: Membership Dues, Subscriptions,
                   and Speakers/Entertainers.
                   a.     Bid Comparison Form for the Formal Bid process for purchases $25,000 or
                           greater, including items on state contracts.     
                   b.     Informal Bid Form for the Informal Bid process for purchases $3,000 to
                           $24,999.99 for grants and $5,000 to $24,999.99 for non-grants, including items
                           on state contracts.
                   c.     Prior Authorization for Sole Source (Goods), Consulting (Services), or
                           Delegated Authority (Emergency purchases to be determined by the Purchasing
                           Office) of $3,000 or greater for grants and $5,000 or greater for non-grants.

     4.           Once the Online Workflow Form (Bid Comparison Form, Informal Bid Form, and Prior
                   Authorization) is verbally approved by the Purchasing Office, a purchase order
                   will be processed:
                   a.     If the Supplier accepts payment by credit card without fees, complete:
                          1.     Online Workflow P-Card Purchase Order Form.  
                          2.     Reminder:  Do not complete a Workday Requisition (which replaces
                                  an IFAS PR).  
                   b.     If the Supplier requires payment by check or ACH, verify Supplier is on Workday.
                           If not, process a Workday Create Supplier Request.  Once the Supplier is
                           approved, create a Workday Requisition.     

     5.           Regular Purchases.  Less than $5,000 requiring a purchase order sent to the Supplier.
                   Exceptions: Office Supplies, Computer Software and Hardware, Printing Jobs,
                   Real Estate Leases:
                   a.     If Supplier accepts payment by credit card without fees, complete:
                           1.     Online Workflow P-Card Purchase Order Form.
                           2.     Reminder:  Do not complete a Workday Requisition. 
                   b.     If the Supplier requires payment by check or ACH, create a Workday Requisition.   

     6.           Monthly Payments (Utilities and Other Blankets – Kaiser Trash, Midwest Energy, Jetz
                   a.     Payment by credit card.
                   b.     If the Supplier requires payment by check or ACH, create a Workday Requisition.     

     7.           All contracts or agreements require pre-approval.  General Counsel reviews the
                   document(s), and the President or Vice President for Administration and Finance

                   are the only ones authorized  to sign the contract or agreement.  This also
                   includes quotes for purchases requiring a signature.       

     8.           The Purchasing Office will send the purchase order, quote, contract document(s), and
                   the State  of Kansas DA-146a (terms and conditions) to the Supplier.

     9.           Once the goods are ready to ship or received or the service completed, the department
                   will notify the Purchasing Office by email, purchasing@fhsu.edu, or phone to approve
                   the Online Workflow Form
                   a.     If payment is processed by check or ACH and an amount or cost center has
                           changed,  the Purchasing Office will need to create a Workday Change Order
                           before the department processes the invoice(s) through the Supplier Invoice
                   b.     If payment is processed by credit card, approval of the Online Workflow Form
                           means your credit card is opened to the authorized amount and you can
                           contact the Supplier to make payment.                    

                   a.     Office supplies are purchased through Central Purchasing.  
                   b.     Computer hardware and software are purchased through Technology Services,
                           https://www.fhsu.edu/technology/purchasing/.  This includes sole source 
                           boxed software, software licensing, and software maintenance.
                   c.     All printing requests are processed through Printing Services.
                   d.     All Real Estate Leases are processed through the Purchasing Office.

     Fort Hays State University is a part of a Regents Purchasing Program designed to allow the
     university more autonomy in purchasing certain goods/commodities and services with state
     funds. Detailed information regarding the Regents Purchasing Program can be located at:





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