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Resident Safety

Weapon Safety

Martial arts weapons, knives, explosives, and other weapons are not allowed in the halls or on the FHSU campus. Please note that this policy includes, but is not limited to: paint ball guns, airsoft guns, blowguns, and wrist rockets/sling shots.



Firearms Safety

Firearms, ammunition, martial arts weapons, knives (with blades longer than 3.5 inches), explosives, paint ball guns, airsoft guns, blowguns, sling shots, swords, bows, arrows, broad heads, taser, and other weapons (including fake weapons) are not allowed in the halls. The use or display of any object or instrument in a dangerous or threatening manner is prohibited.

In accordance with the State of Kansas Concealed Carry Law, residents who are 21 years of age or over are able to carry a handgun if it is concealed on their person, or concealed in a bag/back pack that is in their immediate reach. Students must store their handgun in their vehicle or in an approved gun safe within their room and must not give others access to their weapon, including the access to their gun safe.

An approved storage device has each of these characteristics: (1) it is of sufficient size to fully enclose the handgun while secured in an approved holster; (2) it is constructed of sturdy materials that are non-flammable; (3) it has a combination, digital, or other secure locking device that can only be unlocked by the individual using the storage device, but devices secured exclusively with a key lock are prohibited; and, (4) the device is constructed specifically for storage of a handgun and/or ammunition.

The possession/use of weapons that violates policy, endangers the health or safety of yourself or others is sufficient cause for immediate dismissal from the residential community without financial release and referral to the Director of Residential Life for further disciplinary review.


Fire Safety

According to the State Fire Marshal, the residence halls at FHSU meet the state fire safety codes. Halls are equipped with safety equipment including smoke detectors in each room. If the fire system is activated, everyone in the facility is required to leave immediately and not allowed to reenter the facility until Residence Life Professional Staff gives a clear signal. Any person who misuses fire safety equipment (including smoke detectors and sprinkler systems) will be subject to severe disciplinary action and/or arrest.


  • Sound the alarm
  • Leave the building
  • Do NOT attempt to re-enter the building for any purpose


If your door is hot or if the corridor is full of smoke:

2. Put towels around your door and seal all cracks
3. Hang a sheet or towel from your window, and signal for help
4. If you have a phone in your room, call 911

If it is safe to leave:

1. Open the draperies
2. Close the windows
3. Turn off your lights
4. Wear hard-soled shoes and a coat
5. Close the door as you leave
6. Follow the evacuation exit routes posted in your hall
7. Wait for the signal to re-enter the building


All residents must be at least across the street from their residence hall.

  • Agnew and Heather Halls to McMindes Lawn/Parking Lot and Tomanek Parking Lot
  • Custer Hall to McMindes Lawn
  • McMindes Hall to Custer or Tiger Place Lawn
  • Stadium Place to the Stadium Parking Lot
  • Wiest Hall to Tiger Place street
  • Wooster Place to the opposite side of Dwight Drive or Tiger Place

During a fire evacuation, all residents must leave the building and stay out until the building has been secured. Failure to leave will result in a $50 fine. You will be notified when you can re-enter the building; do not enter the building until the hall staff tells you that it is safe to do so. The silencing of the alarm is not permission to re-enter the building. Please see the "Fire and Safety Equipment" policy in the Residential Life Handbook for more on fire related expectations.


Residents in Residential Life facilities are not allowed to have lit candles, burn incense, or use open heating coil appliances within the residence halls. For safety reasons, toaster ovens, electric skillets, and electrical grills (e.g. George Foreman grills) are not permitted. Blenders, small microwaves (800 watts), or coffee pots are allowed.

Weather Safety



Radio and television weather services typically issue tornado warnings with reference to city and county. Fort Hays State University is located in the City of Hays in Ellis County. In the event a tornado warning for Hays or Ellis County is broadcast by the radio and television services or is indicated by the sounding of the tornado siren, all residents and visitors are advised to:

1. Leave residence room or apartment
2. Close and lock the door
3. Move immediately to seek shelter in the basement or lowest level
- Shelter areas include: Custer basement, McMindes basement and lower level floors, Wiest basement, Tiger Place Storm Shelter (located in Heather Hall). Wooster and Stadium Place residents should go to the Wiest Basement.
4. Take the following items with you if they are immediately available: pillow or blanket to protect your head, a flashlight, and a battery powered radio

If there is not enough time to move to the basement, all residents and visitors are advised to leave residence rooms, close and lock the door and seek shelter in a hallway on the lowest level of the building they can safely reach. Interior rooms without windows, closets, and similar spaces are good choices for quick shelter. Stay away from windows and all other glass.

In the event of a tornado, residence hall staff will have immediate authority. Please follow their directions. Only hall staff may issue an all-clear message or any further information.


  • Tornado/Severe Weather Watch - A "watch" means that the present weather conditions could produce a tornado, thunderstorm, or severe weather. When a Watch occurs, individuals should take precautions to protect themselves, such as tuning in to a radio or television.
  • Tornado/Severe Weather Warning - A "warning" means there is severe weather or a tornado that has been sighted in the area. Individuals should seek shelter immediately.


Personal Safety

Your personal safety and the protection of your possessions require a joint effort between you and the university. If you have visitors, you are responsible for their actions and must escort them at all times.

For the security of our residents, Residence Life facilities will be locked during the following hours:

  • Custer Hall: All doors will be locked from 5:30 pm - 6:00 am. Third and fourth floors require card swipe access at all times.
  • McMindes Hall: All doors except the main entrance are locked from 11:00 pm - 6:00 am. Residents will be required to check in to the front desk with a photo ID. Guests must be escorted by a McMindes Hall resident and leave a photo ID with front desk staff until exiting the facility.
  • Tiger Place: All doors will be locked at 10:00 pm - 8:00 am.
  • Wiest Hall: All doors will be locked at 11:00 pm - 8:00 am.

We advise that you:

  • Familiarize yourself with the emergency procedures in your hall.
  • Keep your room locked if you are not in it.
  • Do not leave unaccompanied guests in your room.
  • Contact your RA, Student Health, or University Police if you need emergency assistance.
  • Use the one-way viewers (peep holes) located in room doors.
  • Do not participate in outdoor sports in the residence halls (this includes rollerblading, Frisbee, football, bicycling, and longboarding).
  • Follow posted procedures for evacuation during fire alarms or tornadoes.
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