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McMindes Room Specs

The following information is applicable to most of the regular double occupancy designed rooms in McMindes Hall. It should however, be noted that this information is for a typical room and that variations occur throughout the building. The data provided here is for reference purposes only, and is no guarantee of the actual arrangement or dimensions of any given assigned room.

Floors: 9'10'' wide to front edge of desk/counter. 21" additional width to include leg space beneath desk area. 15'7" long. Floor covering is linoleum tile.

Window: 81" wide x 49" long. 64" from top edge of window to top of air handling unit located below it

Beds: Bunkable / loftable wooden twin extra long bed frames. Mattresses are extra long twin (80").

Normal Bed Height: Between 12" and 28", bottom of mattress to floor (bed height is adjustable)

Lofted Bed Height: Between 56" and 67" (max), bottom of mattress to floor; between 38" and 27" from mattress to ceiling (loft height may vary)

Bunked Bed Height: 37" from top of bottom bed to bottom of top bed

Bed Width: 38"

(Note: The wardrobes, drawers, shelves, cabinets, and desk counter are built-ins.)

Wall Book Shelves: 5' long x 25" deep, divided in the center (2 shelves)

Desk Book Shelves: 25.25" long x 8.75" wide (2 shelves; 1 at each desk area).

Bulletin Boards: 62" wide x 23" long (1 under each wall book shelf).

Wardrobes: 45" wide x 23" deep x 58.5" high, including a 12" high x 16" deep shelf at the top. Clothes rod the width of the close, and a shoe rack for six pairs of shoes. (2 wardrobes; 1 each side).

Overhead Storage: 44" wide x 23" deep x 30" high. (2 units each with sliding cabinet doors and 2 each with pull open doors.

Desk Drawer: 21.5" wide x 21" long x 2.25" deep (2 drawers; 1 per side)

Dresser Drawers: 19" wide x 18" long x 4" deep / 19" wide x 18" long x 6" deep / 19" wide x 18" long x 8" deep (2 drawers of each size; 1 each per side)

Desk/Counter: 92" long x 23" deep

Entry Door: 7' high x 3' wide

Ceiling: 8' 9" high

Lights: One overhead ceiling light, one light above mirror over counter; one study light built into under side of each desk bookshelf. Light may be either incandescent, fluorescent, or a combination of both.

Window Coverings: Venetian blinds.

Lockable Storage: None provided.

Other Furnishings: One study chair per desk; 3' 30" mirror over counter; one trash can; electronic smoke detector/alarm; one cable TV outlet with standard cable service provided; wireless internet access for up to 2 machines.

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