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Student Fiscal Services

317 Picken Hall
600 Park Street
Hays, KS 67601

FAX: 785-628-4081
Phone: 785-628-5251

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Important Dates and Deadlines

Enrollment Deadlines, Tuition Due Dates, Financial Assistance Release Dates 

Use TigerEnroll (log into TigerTracks to access TigerEnroll). Need to make a tuition installment payment after you have enrolled? Log into TigerTracks, go to Finances, then Account Balance/Make a Payment.

August 8, 2018   Fall 2018 Enrollment Deadline
August 14, 2018   Fall 2018 Financial Assistance Available
August 20, 2018   Fall 2018 Classes Begin
September 5, 2018   Fall 2018 Final Day for Tuition Installment Plan
September 15, 2018   Fall 2018 Second Tuition Installment Due
September 15, 2018   Fall 2018 Financial Assistance Deferment Deadline
October 15, 2018   Fall 2018 Final Installment Due

Housing Payment Due Dates

Residential Life includes Custer Hall, McMindes Hall, Stadium Place, Tiger Place, Tiger Village, Victor E Village and Wooster Place. Make your payment by logging into TigerTracks, go to Finances, then Account Balance/Make a Payment.

August 15, 2018   Fall 2018 First Housing Payment Due
September 15, 2018    Fall 2018 Second Housing Payment Due
October 15, 2018   Fall 2018 Final Housing Payment Due

Dates subject to change.
Other University charges are due the 15th of the month that are posted to the account.

Other University Dates

August 20, 2018   Fall 2018 Classes Begin
September 3, 2018   Labor Day (University Closed)
November 19-25, 2018   Fall Break (University Closed)
December 8, 10-14, 2018   Final Exams
December 14, 2018   Fall 2018 Semester Ends



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