Important Dates and Deadlines

Student Fiscal Services

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Need to know enrollment deadlines for the semester? Or when your next housing or tuition installment payment is due? See our list of upcoming deadlines below. Other important university semester dates can be found on the Academic Calendar.

Enrollment Deadlines and Tuition Due Dates

Need to finalize enrollment or make schedule changes? Use TigerEnroll (log into TigerTracks to access TigerEnroll). Need to make a tuition installment payment after you have enrolled? Log into TigerTracks, go to Finances, then Account Balance/Make a Payment.

August 8, 2018   Fall 2018 Enrollment Deadline
August 14, 2018   Fall 2018 Financial Assistance Available
August 20, 2018   Fall 2018 Classes Begin
September 5, 2018   Fall 2018 Final Day for Tuition Installment Plan
September 15, 2018   Fall 2018 Second Tuition Installment Due
September 15, 2018   Fall 2018 Financial Assistance Deferment Deadline
October 15, 2018   Fall 2018 Final Installment Due

Housing Payment Due Dates

Below are the due dates for Residential Life (housing and meal plan payments). Residential Life includes Custer Hall, McMindes Hall, Stadium Place, Tiger Place, Tiger Village, Victor E Village and Wooster Place. Make your payment by logging into TigerTracks, go to Finances, then Account Balance/Make a Payment.

August 15, 2018   Fall 2018 First Housing Payment Due
September 15, 2018    Fall 2018 Second Housing Payment Due
October 15, 2018   Fall 2018 Final Housing Payment Due

Other University Charges

Possible charges due on student accounts may include Traffic fines, TigerTots daycare, Financial Aid Repayment, and all other institutional charges. Monthly email reminders are sent to students for any balance due on their account. Always check your FHSU email and your TigerTracks Account Balance/Make a Payment page for important deadlines and billing notifications. Paper billing statements are not mailed. Payments can be processed online through TigerTracks, or by contacting Student Fiscal Services at 785-628-5251, located in Picken Hall 317.

NOTE: A $25 late fee may be assessed for any outstanding balance not paid by the due date.

Dates subject to change

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