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The Federal Perkins loan is awarded to undergraduate and graduate students with exceptional financial need and who are enrolled at least half-time. Fort Hays State University is the lender for the Federal Perkins loan. No interest accrues on the Federal Perkins loan while you are attending school at least half-time as well as during the nine-month grace period when you are no longer attending school half-time. There are no origination fees, and the interest rate is currently 5%. Repayment begins nine months after you graduate, totally withdraw from school, or drop below half-time enrollment. Repayment is calculated with a minimum monthly amount of $40 and a maximum repayment period of ten years.

Student Fiscal Services is responsible for disbursement of your Federal Perkins loan. We have partnered with Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (ECSI) in processing and collecting all of our Federal Perkins loans.

Interested in a Federal Perkins Loan?

  • To apply for a Federal Perkins loan you need to complete your FAFSA. The Financial Assistance Office determines the amount of your Federal Perkins loan and initiates the award. Federal Perkins loans are limited and are a part of your financial aid package.
  • View your Financial Assistance Status on your TigerTracks account. After you log into TigerTracks, go to the Online Services tab, then to Financial Aid Eligibility. If you are awarded a Federal Perkins loan, you accept your award in Financial Aid Eligibility ("Accept Awards" tab).
  • After you accept your Federal Perkins loan award, you will be notified by ECSI to complete your loan entrance counseling and to sign your Master Promissory Note (eMPN), if needed. Be aware that your Federal Perkins loan will not be disbursed until you have completed all required documentation.
  • Your Federal Perkins loan will be disbursed pursuant to Financial Aid Disbursement procedures.

What happens when you leave Fort Hays State University?

When you graduate, leave or drop below half-time status, you are required by federal Perkins regulations to complete an Exit Counseling interview. Contact ECSI to complete your Exit Counseling. ECSI provides convenient repayment options, Automated Direct Payment and online debit/credit card options.

NOTE: If you withdraw from all of your classes at FHSU prior to the end of the semester, or you receive all unsatisfactory grades in your classes, then a portion or all of your Federal Perkins loan may be deemed unearned as determined by federal financial aid regulations, and you may be required to return the unearned portion to FHSU immediately. See the Return of Title IV policy for more information or contact us at 785-628-5892 or sfsrepay@fhsu.edu.

Deferments, Cancellations and Loan Consolidation

Federal Perkins loan borrowers are eligible for deferments and cancellations depending on the terms of your promissory note. Deferments may be granted if you return to school to seek a degree and are enrolled at least half-time.

  • Deferment forms can be obtained at ECSI. If you are unsure which deferment/cancellation to apply for, review the list of possible deferments/cancellations including the conditions under which each can be granted.
  • Your payments will not be suspended while waiting for the appropriate official certification of your deferment or cancellation.

Your Federal Perkins loan may be eligible for consolidation. If you are interested in consolidating your Federal Perkins loans with other student loans, be sure to check out ECSI's Loan Consolidation information. After you have consolidated, you will be subject to the terms and conditions of the consolidating agency and no longer be eligible for deferment or cancellation benefits through the Federal Perkins loan program. It is your responsibility to provide the consolidation company with your loan information.


1098-E Information

ECSI will mail your IRS Form 1098-E in January for the previous year to the address last provided to ECSI unless you completed "eTax Document Sign-Up" through its website. If you do not receive your IRS Form 1098-E, contact ECSI through its website or by phone at 866-428-1098.


Questions about the Federal Perkins Loans

Contact ECSI at 888-549-3274 or by email.

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