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Refund Options

Student Fiscal Services offers you multiple options to receive refunds. Refunds include tuition refunds that may be available from dropped classes or excess financial assistance.

In TigerEnroll you are required to select a valid method for receiving excess financial assistance or other refunds. Your refund will be processed according to the refund option you select. Complete information on the refund option is essential to receive your refund in a timely manner. Incomplete information can delay disbursement. Student Fiscal Services reserves the right to select a refund option if you fail to provide a selection.

Below are the University's refund options available to you:

Direct Deposit to a Personal Bank Account

  • Receiving funds through Direct Deposit is safe, efficient and secure.
  • You will need to provide the account type (Checking or Savings), bank name, city, and state; as well as the routing and account number. You must input all required bank information when selecting this refund option in TigerEnroll.
  • It is extremely important that your bank account information is entered correctly. Incorrect information will result in a delay for you to receive your refund.
  • Funds will be available in your bank account a minimum of two to three business days after release of funds is reflected on your FHSU student account (TigerTracks).
  • You will need to provide written notification to FHSU if at any time you wish to terminate the authorization.
  • After funds are sent to your bank account, Student Fiscal Services no longer has access to the transferred funds. Therefore, it is YOUR responsibility to use those funds for future payments you may owe FHSU or for other educationally related expenses.
  • In the event your banking institution refuses the electronic transfer of funds, it will be up to ten business days before the University will produce a disbursement check. If any action taken by you, without adequate notification to FHSU, results in non-acceptance of the transfer by your financial institution, the University assumes no responsibility for processing supplemental financial aid until the funds are returned to the University by your financial institution.
  • When you select this option, you give consent for FHSU to provide certain student information to your bank of choice.
  • Student Fiscal Services reserves the right to select and/or change your refund option at any time if necessary.
  • Direct Deposit is not a valid refund option for Federal Parent PLUS Loans. A paper check will be sent to the parent at the address designated by the parent.

Check by Mail

  • This option is not recommended, as it will cause a delay in any excess financial assistance refund that you may receive and is not the safest or most secure method of receiving funds. By selecting this option, you elect to receive a paper check mailed to your PERMANENT address for any excess financial assistance.
  • Be sure to keep your permanent address up to date on your student account (TigerTracks), as this is where the refund check will be mailed. Checks will be mailed through the USPS, so please allow a minimum of 3-5 business days for mail delays after the check has been processed.
  • If check is lost or stolen, it will be your responsibility to contact Student Fiscal Services at 785-628-5251. Expect further delay for investigation and/or processing of a replacement check. A $25 administrative fee may be assessed for issuing a replacement check. FHSU does not verify the availability of funds for check cashing by third party entities.
  • Student Fiscal Services reserves the right to select and/or change your refund option at any time if necessary.

Other Information

  • If you are unable to submit bank information for Direct Deposit or select "Check by Mail", contact us at 800-628-FHSU (option 8, then option 2) or 785-628-5251 to discuss other options.
  • If funds become available and you have not selected a refund option, Student Fiscal Services reserves the right to select a refund option for you.


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