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Bachelor of Social Work

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program prepares you to start your career as a generalist in social work practice. The social work program requires both liberal arts and professional foundation courses. The social work core courses provide students with a specific body of professional knowledge, values, and skills to practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.


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Applying to the Program

Individuals wanting to complete a social work degree will initially be considered pre-social work majors. Every pre-social work major must work with a faculty advisor in social work prior to applying for the program.

Pre-social work majors must have completed 60 credit hours of coursework, including SOCW 260 Introduction to Social Work and be enrolled in SOCW 380 Generalist Practice: Introduction to Practice, before making formal application to the program.

Students must earn a grade of "C" or better in each social work course, a 2.75 or better grade point average (GPA) in the major, and an overall cumulative GPA of at least 2.50.

The Council on Social Work Education accredits the Social Work Program at Fort Hays State University at the undergraduate level. In accord with the Council on Social Work Education's evaluative standards, the Social Work Program does not grant academic credit for life experience or previous work experience.

BSW Assessment of Learning Outcomes 2017

BSW Student Handbook

Bachelor of Social Work Program Summary

*effective Spring 2018*

Specified General Education Courses:
Foundation Studies (18 hours)

Elective/Specified General Education Courses:

Math/Natural Science General Education Elective (3)
Social/Behavioral Science General Education Elective (3)
International Studies Component (6)

IDS 350 Diversity in the United States (3)
MLNG 225 Beginning Spanish I (5)
PHIL 100 General Logic or PHIL 120 Introduction to Philosophy (3)
Mathematics and Natural Sciences:
BIOL 100 Human Biology (3)
BIOL 102 Laboratory Experience in Biology (1)
MATH 250 Elements of Statistics (3)
One elective (3)
Social and Behavioral Sciences:
PSY 100 General Psychology (3)
SOC 140 Understanding Society (3)
One Elective (3)

Upper-division Integrative Course:
IDS 300 Economic Ideas and Current Issues (3)

Other Specified Liberal Arts Requirements
ENG 603 Technical and Professional Writing (3)

Social Work Core

SOCW 362 Methods of Social Research (3)
SOCW 260 Introduction to Social Work (3)
SOCW 310 Social Welfare Policy and Services I (3)
SOCW 320 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I (3)
SOCW 322 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II (3)
SOCW 380 Generalist Practice: Foundations of Practice (3)
SOCW 381 Generalist Practice: The Helping Relationship (3)
SOCW 382 Generalist Practice: Group, Organizational and Community Systems (3)
SOCW 410 Social Welfare Policy and Services II (3)
SOCW 420 Human Behavior and the Social Environment III (3)
SOCW 461 Generalist Practice: Child and Family Systems (3)
SOCW 463 Generalist Practice: Practicum Preparation (3)
SOCW 467 Social Work Professional Seminar (3)
SOCW 468 Field Practicum (9)

Social Work Elective (choose 2 courses)
SOCW 670 Workshop in Social Work: Pharmacology and High Risk Medical Issues (3)
SOCW 670 Workshop in Social Work: Client Management Procedures (3)
SOCW 620 Spirituality and Aging: The Empowering Relationship (3)
SOCW 615 Topics in Social Work: Social Work and the Law (3)
SOCW 615 Topics in Social Work: Mass Trauma Intervention
SOCW 670 Workshop in Social Work (3)
SOCW 671 Independent Study in Social Work (3)
SOCW 672 Internship in Social Work (3)

Total Credit Hours: 120

Bachelor of Social Work: Addictions Counseling

The Social Work Program at FHSU has integrated all of the educational requirements for licensure as an addictions counselor. Social Work students who desire a career in addictions counseling, should take Pharmacology and High Risk Medical Issues as their social work elective and pursue the BSW practicum placement in a licensed addictions counseling facility.

Note: Individuals seeking credentialing in addictions counseling in a state other than Kansas are responsible for knowing that state's credentialing requirements, as well as the necessary educational requirements to be eligible for licensure or certification in that state.

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