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Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

The field of sociology encompasses the study of social life as well as the social causes and consequences of human behavior. The Bachelor of Arts (BS) in Sociology offers you a broad academic program that can lead you to a variety of careers in sociology.

The BA in Sociology is available completely online - same classes, same faculty, but accessible to you wherever you are in the world. If you are interested in pursuing the online BA in Sociology, learn what it takes to be an online sociology major at Fort Hays State University. Be sure to visit the FHSU Virtual College Web site for admissions and tuition.

Program Summary - Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

General Education Requirements - 55 hours

Foundation Studies: 18 Credit Hours
International Studies: 6 Credit Hours
General Education Distribution Areas: 28 Credit Hours
Upper Division Integrative Course: 3 Credit Hours

Language and Free Electives Requirement - 29 hours

Foreign Language (10)
*Upper Division Free Electives (12)
Lower or Upper Division Free Electives (7)

Sociology Major Core Courses - 21 hours

SOC 140 Introduction to Sociology (3)
SOC 145 Principles of Culture (3)
SOC 361 Sociological Theory and Literature (3)
SOC 362 Methods of Social Research (3)
SOC 470 Grant Writing (3)
SOC 472 Social Inequality (3)
SOC 621 Advanced Sociological Research (3)

Upper Division Elective - 15 hours

SOC 310 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies (3)
SOC 311 Feminist Theory (3)
SOC 320 Sociology Through Cinema (3)
SOC 325 Popular Culture (3)
SOC 333 Global Forces in a Changing World (3)
SOC 335 Changing Faces of Culture (3)
SOC 343 Sociology of Gender Roles (3)
SOC 344 Social Deviance (3)
SOC 350 Family Communication (3)
SOC 352 Stepfamilies (3)
SOC 355 Sociology of Death and Dying (3)
SOC 365 Social Entrepreneurship and Grassroots Social Action (3)
SOC 375 Medical Sociology (3)
SOC 384 Social Problems (3)
SOC 388 Sociology of the Family in America (3)
SOC 436 Social Demography (3)
SOC 460 Comparative Culture and Societies (3)
SOC 473 Program Development and Evaluation (3)
SOC 475 Rural and Urban Sociology (3)
SOC 644 Sociology of Aging (3)
SOC 647 Comparative Cultural Anthropology (3)
SOC 677 Internship in Sociology: Advanced Grant Writing (3)
SOC 679 Community Theory and Development (3)
SOC 680 Nonprofit Organizations (3)
SOC 681 NGOs: Global Social Innovation (3)

Total Credit Hours: 120

*Upper division courses are number 300 and above. When taking 600-level courses undergraduate students are automatically enrolled as such, while any graduate students are automatically enrolled for a graduate-level version of the course that contains assignments beyond the undergraduate level.

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