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Certificate in Life Stages and Transitions

Whether you are needing to complete degree requirements for the B.A. in Sociology, enhance your skills as an human/social services employee, or simply wanting to explore topics that impact you personally, the Certificate in Life Stages and Transitions can provide you deeper insight into some of life's greatest challenges. Take courses that deal with major life passages such as marriage, remarriage, childrearing, aging, and death and dying.

Once you have taken all the required classes, you will be issued a certificate that recognizes your successful completion of the Certificate in Life Stages and Transitions.

Required Courses (choose 4)

SOC 343 Sociology of Gender Roles (3)
SOC 350 Family Communication (3)
SOC 352 Stepfamilies (3)
SOC 355 Sociology of Death and Dying (3)
SOC 388 Sociology of the Family in America (3)
SOC 466 Sociology of Sexual Behavior (3)
SOC 644 Sociology of Aging (3)

Total Credit Hours: 12

The Certificate in Life Stages and Transitions is available on campus as well as online. For more information, contact Kate McGonigal (

Please Note: It is the responsibility of the student to inform the coordinator of the certificate program that he or she has completed the certificate requirements. Your certificate will not be awarded until you have completed the requirements and informed your coordinator of same. To ensure there is enough time to process your certificate, please inform your coordinator by the 21st day of the semester in which the certificate is to be awarded.

In order to verify certificate completion, the student must go into his/her TigerTracks account, where the unofficial transcript can be found. From the unofficial transcript available to students, copy and paste each course completed toward the certificate (with grade earned showing) into an e-mail to be sent to the coordinator of the certificate. The student's e-mail note to the certificate coordinator should begin with an expression of the certificate earned, followed by the courses completed as documented from the unofficial transcript. In addition, please provide the name that you would like printed on the certificate - as in first name, with or without a middle initial, last name, or any variation of such, and your mailing address.

In summary, please e-mail your certificate coordinator with:

  • The certificate name.
  • The courses completed from your unofficial transcript.
  • Your name presented as you like for your certificate.
  • Your mailing address.
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