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Keith Campbell, Ph.D.

Professor of Sociology

Dr. Campbell received his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1977, and he has been teaching at Fort Hays State University since 1974. Although his background includes work in social psychology and cultural studies, his main focus now is in social entrepreneurship. (Social entrepreneurship is defined as the use of innovation to find new ways to assist categories of people in need.) He teaches several courses that help students learn how to start successful projects to help others. A major project on which he is working now is the building of a global community of people who are interested in learning how to start projects to help others in need. With the assistance of others in different parts of the world, he and Fort Hays State University are now building the foundation of this global community. Dr. Campbell believes that our world is on the brink of a revolution - one involving may people starting small projects to help people about whom they care. He hopes to be a part of that revolution.


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