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Pelgy Vaz, Ph.D.


Pelgy Vaz received her Ph.D in sociology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1984. Her area of specialization is Cross-cultural and International. Dr. Vaz teaches a number of courses for the Cross-cultural, Life-Issues Emphasis and the Ethnic Studies Program offered by the department. Comparative Societies and Culture (the course examines social structures, social processes and social life of people coming from different world regions), U.S. Racial and Ethnic Groups (Comparative perspective with emphasis on U.S. multiethnic and multicultural relations), Microsociology (analysis of the influence of social factors on the individual), Modern Social Problems (a sociological analysis of many of the major social problems in the U.S., such as inequality, power and sexism) and Sociology of Aging (examines the status of the elderly in contemporary society).

Dr. Vaz and Dr. Campbell are working on a project called "Ethnic Monitoring and Advocacy Project." This project is sponsored by the Department of Sociology and Social Work. The purpose of the project is to examine the adjustments made by rural communities in Western Kansas for diverse populations and to monitor and advocate for this group. Data has been collected from Garden City with reference to the Hispanic community. Law enforcement agents, city officials and ethnic leaders were interviewed. Census data on the historic presence of diversity in Western Kansas, data on bilingual programs in schools, and the type of adjustments made by retail businesses in food and health products are collected.


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