Academic Affairs

Pelgy Vaz, Ph.D.

Professor of Sociology

Pelgy Vaz received her Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her area of specialization is Cross-cultural and International. Dr. Vaz teaches a wide range of courses including Comparative Cultures and Societies, Principles of Culture, Introduction to Sociology, Diversity in the U.S., and Sociology of Aging.  Her research interests are cross-cultural too, currently working on a project related to economic sustainability of “Chari” women in the Andes. She served as a consultant on “Diversity Curriculum” for Excelsior College and co-authored a book of readings “Cultural Diversity in the United States.” She is the coordinator of the Cultural Anthropology and Globalization, and Sociology of Aging and Medicine certificate programs. Professor Vaz received the Fulbright Summer Award (Brazil, 2011), Fort Hays Honor Society Award (2009), Japan Studies Institute Fellowship (2008) and nominated for the Fort Hays State University Pilot award (outstanding faculty 2007, 2013).


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