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Mike Walker, MS

Instructor and Coordinator of the Community Development Certificate Program

Mike Walker is an instructor in the Department of Sociology, and the Assistant Director of the Docking Institute of Public Affairs at Fort Hays State University. He currently teaches social research methods, sociology of urban and rural areas, community theory and development, economic sociology and work, and demography. Mike also coordinates the Community Development Certificate Program.

Reading the masters.  Marx, Weber, Durkheim? No. Larry, Moe and Curly.

Mike received a master's degree in sociology from Utah State University and is currently pursuing a doctorate in sociology at Kansas State University. He is a member of the Rural Sociological Society, the Community Development Society, the Midwest Sociological Society, and the Population Association of America. Mike is directly involved with the development, coordination, and analysis of survey research for the Docking Institute. Mike also facilitates focus groups, performs strategic planning, and is involved with community development efforts in western Kansas.

 Mike's schedule is generally something like this:

Fall Semester

  • Social Demography (SOC 435)
  • Urban and Rural Sociology (SOC 475)

Spring Semester

  • Community Theory and Development (SOC 679)
  • Methods of Social Research (SOC 362)

Summer Semester

  • Sociology through Cinema (SOC 320)
  • Environmental Sociology (SOC 348 Topics)
  • Sociology of Space (SOC 348 Topics) (Once - I am lobbying to teach this course again but the man is keeping me down.)

Prior to coming to FHSU, Mike performed ethnographic work in California, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho; and carried out survey research in California, Colorado, and Nebraska. He also worked on a few archaeological digs in southern Utah, worked as a journalist in the Washington, D.C. area, and served in the U.S. Army. While in the military, he received extensive survival and tactical training, and completed month-long training exercises in the deserts of California, the mountains of Utah, and the swamps of Georgia. This training, he says, comes in handy during faculty and staff meetings.  Mike spends his free time with his kids, Michelle, pets, attends FHSU and Hays High School (Go Ivy!) sporting events, enjoys the latest sci fi and chats with friends on facebook site.  He has posted a few pictures there if you are interested (and if you are, you probably need to get out more).


Mike is a great college instructor at a college where he instructs. Take his classes or the terrorists win!

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