Put Theory into Action

As a sociology or social work student at FHSU, discover the many ways to gain hands-on experience while developing professional skills you need for your future.   Here are a few ways:

Find a Sociology Internship  Whether as a requirement of the grant writing certificate program  or simply to broaden your horizons and gain relevant work experience, think about finding an internship with a local agency (or one in your home community) to see your degree in action.  Your faculty advisor will work with you to find an internship that meets your personal and career goals.

Conduct Your Social Work Field Practicum  A key component of the social work program is the supervised practicum field experience, in which you will work with real clients in real situations at a variety of locations throughout Kansas.

Gain Applied Research Experience  Fort Hays State University is home to the Docking Institute of Public Affairs, which conducts a wide-range of applied research for public and not-for-profit clients throughout western Kansas, the state and the region.  Whether you choose to intern there, become a student worker and staff the survey call center, see applied research in action.

Active Learning  Studying sociology or social work may not seem like an active major, such as chemistry or art.  However, you will discover lots of ways to learn!  Service learning and field trips take you out of the classroom to see theory in action. Social work classes make use of team-based classroom simulation activities to help you apply what you learn to real-world scenarios.  Your advanced research methods class will have you searching data sources to uncover social attitude/behavior patterns.

Please contact the sociology and social work department if you have any questions or would like additional information.


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