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Department of Teacher Education
Fort Hays State University
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Phone: 785-628-4204
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Adding Endorsements

A licensed teacher in the State of Kansas can add an Elementary Education or Early Childhood Unified endorsement to his/her current teaching license by completing an approved program at Fort Hays State University as a non-degree seeking student. If you are wishing to add an endorsement other than Elementary Education or Early Childhood Unified to your current teaching license, please visit the Kansas State Department of Education's website.

Each state has it's own licensure requirements. The programs we offer prepare you for licensure in Kansas. If you live in a different state, you will need to contact your state's Department of Education to determine it's license transfer requirements. Your education degree from FHSU is valid in any state as long as you become licensed to teach in that particular state. For specific information about your state's licensure requirements please visit the Praxis website.

Getting Started

These instructions apply to licensed teachers who are wishing to add an Elementary Education or Early Childhood Unified endorsement to their current license. If you do NOT have a current teaching license, please see our Academic Programs website for additional information.

  1. Apply for Admission to FHSU. See below for information on which admission application to choose.
  2. Please select "NO" when asked "Do you plan on receiving a degree from FHSU?"
  3. After you've submitted your application for admission to FHSU, please email Jennifer Thornton at jlthornton2@fhsu.edu in the FHSU Registrar's Office and indicate you are a non-degree seeking student seeking licensure. Jennifer will assign Dr. Chris Jochum as your academic advisor. If you do not contact Jennifer Thornton, you will be assigned an advisor in another department and the Teacher Education Department will not know that you are interested in licensure.
  4. Submit an Application to Teacher Education for Previously Licensed Teachers through Tk20. Formal admittance into Teacher Education is a pre-requisite for the restricted portion of the program.
  5. Contact Dr. Chris Jochum to discuss your program of study at cjjochum@fhsu.edu or 785-628-4204.
  6. If you are planning on receiving financial aid, please request Mrs. Kerry Schuckman (kschuckm@fhsu.edu or 785-628-4542) send verification to the Financial Assistance Office that you are enrolled in a program leading to licensure.
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