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Name/E-Mail Address Change Information

Step 1: Update your name on all official FHSU records.

FHSU e-mail address changes are allowed for legal name changes only.  Your official FHSU student and employment records (if you are currently employed at FHSU) must be updated with the new name before an e-mail address change can be made:

To update your FHSU student record:

  • Log in to TigerTracks, click on the Online Services tab, and fill out the Request Name Change form (located under Personal Information).  This will send a request to the Registrar's Office to update the name on your official student record.  For assistance accessing or completing this form, contact TigerTech.  Inquiries regarding your official name may be directed to the Registrar's Office.
  • If you are unable to log in to TigerTracks, download the Official Name Change Request form from the Registrar’s Office Forms page and fax it to the Registrar's Office.  For assistance completing or faxing this form, contact the Registrar’s Office.

To update your FHSU employment record:

Step 2: Request an e-mail address change.

After your official student and employment records have been updated with your new name, you must submit a request (see instructions below) if you wish to have your FHSU e-mail address changed.  Please note:

  • New e-mail addresses are assigned according to a standard format.
  • The e-mail address change will not affect your existing e-mail, coursework, or other information that you access using your TigerNetID.
  • An alias address will be added to your e-mail account, so you will be able to receive messages sent to your old address as well as the new one.

Submit a Technology Support request form, including the required information below.  Your New Legal Name must match the name on your official FHSU student and/or employee records.  Please copy/paste the list below into the Description field of the request and add your responses.

  • Relationship to FHSU (Employee/Student/Prospective Student, etc):
  • TigerNetID Username:
  • Previous Name (First Middle Last):
  • New Legal Name (First Middle Last):
  • Non-FHSU E-Mail Address:
  • Phone Number (during business hours):
  • If employee - FHSU Department:
  • If recently hired - Start Date:
  • Type of change being requested:
    • Display Name/Email Alias: (Standard for students; TigerNetID is not changed)
    • TigerNetID/Email Address: (Standard for employees / Subject to approval for students / Requires loss of access for up to two business days / You will be contacted in advance)
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