Professional Affiliations and Agreements

The University Police Department works in concert with Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies to provide protective services, public safety and enforcement related duties. There are six written memoranda of agreements between various agencies which provide a general outline of the following topics:

  • Police Protection
  • Parking Regulation and Enforcement
  • Emergency Management and Cooperation
  • Fire Protection
  • UPD Concurrent Jurisdiction within the City of Hays
  • Investigative Crime Unit and Task Force
  • Emergency Shelters

Following is a summary of those agreements between Fort Hays State University and/or the University Police Department and various outside agencies.

Annexation Agreement between the City of Hays and Fort Hays State University - May 2, 1995

Section 6 defines the authority of the University Police Department as it relates to the Annexation Agreement. Specifically, it states "The University will continue to maintain its autonomous police force with the authority, powers, and jurisdiction as statutorily authorized in K.S.A. 76-726 et. seq. The University and City police will continue to cooperate and to provide assistance to each other whenever possible and appropriate." Section 7 defines the authority of the University for parking regulations and enforcement. Specifically, it states "The regulation of parking on University property shall remain under the control of the Kansas Board of Regents pursuant to K.S.A. 74-3209 et. seq. or successor statutes, or the policies or regulations promulgated by the Kansas Board of Regents or University. The University's Police Force will continue enforcement of traffic and parking violations on the University campus. Parking violations will be enforced and adjudged through the University system as authorized by K.S.A. 74-3210a et. seq. or successor statutes, or policies or regulations promulgated by the Kansas Board of Regents or University."

Section 12 generalizes Emergency Management and Cooperation between FHSU and the City of Hays. Specifically, it states "The City and University pledge to work together in emergency management of natural or man-made emergencies and pledge to continue to work together to both prevent and alleviate disasters and emergencies."

The UPD represents FHSU as a participating member of the Ellis County Communications Group, Ellis County Local Emergency Planning Committee and the Ellis County Emergency Operations Center.

Fort Hays State University does not maintain an autonomous fire department and is reliant upon the City of Hays Fire Department to provide those services as outlined within the annexation agreement between FHSU and the City of Hays. In Section 2, it specifically states "The City shall provide fire protection to the University free of charge consistent with and as provided to other entities within the City. The University shall maintain its active efforts to prevent false alarms."

City of Hays Police Department Agreement with FHSU Police Department - December 2, 2005

This agreement gives concurrent enforcement authority to FHSU Police Department within the city limits of Hays and is considered a request for assistance by the City, pursuant to K.S.A. 22-2401a. This agreement does not alter, diminish, or increase the jurisdiction or responsibility of the City or FHSU, and their police departments, but eliminates the necessity of having a specific prior request for assistance from the FHSU Police Department to respond to calls in areas populated predominately by students and university personnel in any area within the city limits of the City of Hays, Kansas.

Ellis County High Technology Crime Unit (HTCU) Memorandum of Understanding - March 27, 2003

Establishes and agreement between the FHSU Police Department, Ellis County Attorney's Office, Ellis County Sheriff's Department and the Hays Police Department. Resulted in the formation of a joint investigative crime unit for the purposes of investigating technology-related crimes within Ellis County.

MOU between FHSU Police and Kansas ICAC Task Force - March 27, 2003

The purpose of this MOU is to maximize interagency cooperation, formalize relationships between member agencies and investigate suspects who utilize the Internet to seek, harm or exploit children as sexual partners and/or traffic in child pornography. The Kansas Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force includes investigators and supervisors from various local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies who provide assistance both locally and in various jurisdictions, subject to availability.

Statement of Agreement between FHSU and the Ellis County Chapter of the American Red Cross

Written agreement designating Gross Memorial Coliseum (GMC) as a mass care shelter for Ellis County. This requires a request by Red Cross, in consultation with the Ellis County Emergency Management office and the University Police Department, to provide physical facilities to support the American Red Cross disaster relief. The shelter will be staffed & closed by Red Cross during the duration of the disaster event. GMC is generally used for sheltering during inclement weather, such as blizzards when the highways are closed and all motels are at capacity.

MOU between Hays Unified School District #489 and Fort Hays State University

Defines the process to be used by USD #489 and Fort Hays State University in the event of a crisis incident requiring the emergency evacuation of schools to FHSU's Gross Memorial Coliseum for student sheltering operations. The Superintendent of Schools or designee is authorized to order evacuation to FHSU when no other options are available for sheltering, after notification to the University Police Chief or designee. USD #489 is responsible for the transportation & supervision of students. FHSU is responsible for directing USD #489 to appropriate entrances and will unlock doors and provide lighting, heating and restrooms for the duration of the evacuation. All agencies agree to work cooperatively in order to safeguard USD #489 students in the event of a major crisis event.

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