Bulletin Board:

  • Reminder - Visitor parking is not for faculty, staff, or students to park in. This includes all students who live off campus. They are for non-FHSU-affiliated persons only.
  • Please have all visitors come to the Center of Public Safety in the basement of Custer Hall in order to receive a visitor's parking pass.
  • There is an unprecedented amount of construction happening on campus, please be aware of your surroundings and cautious in these areas.

On Monday morning, (8/14/17), the University Police Department will begin to barricade areas directly affected by the moving of students into the residence halls. UPD begins this process on Monday due to the time involved with identifying the owner of a non-registered vehicle, and giving motorist time to move their vehicles. Once the barricades are up, UPD will begin contacting the owners of vehicles to ask them to move their vehicles.

Beginning Monday, the following areas will be barricaded, Lot G behind McMindes Hall, McMindes Circle in front of McMindes Hall, Lot F2 on the east side of McMindes Circle, the circle drive in front of Custer Hall, the west side of Custer Drive between Dwight Drive and Agnew Lane, the east side of Lyman Drive between Dwight Drive and Agnew Lane and the south side of Dwight Drive in front of Victor E. Village between Lyman and Custer.

On Tuesday, University Police Department will continue contacting owners of vehicles that remain in the barricaded areas to have them move. These areas will remain barricaded until Thursday afternoon when the move-in has been completed.

If you work in the Residential Life area and park there Monday morning, you will be allowed wait until the end of the day before being required to move your vehicle. If contacted by UPD about moving your vehicle, advise them that you will do so at that time. All others parking in the Residential life area will be asked to move their vehicle as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the area will be barricaded and parking may not be available Monday afternoon through Thursday afternoon.

The Residential Life area of campus will be heavily congested with traffic on Wednesday and Thursday as the students move in. If you work in the Residential Life Area and arrive for work between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on these days, expect to park farther away than normal and walk or take the University Shuttle.

The University Police Department wishes to express their sincere thanks to the University community in this matter. UPD would also like to remind you that parking permits may be obtained online (www.fhsu.edu/police) and picked up the following week or mailed through the campus mail system to avoid the traffic congestion in this area.

Please contact the University Police Department at 628-5304 if you have questions.

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