Services Provided

The University Police Department provides a variety of services on campus to assist our students, faculty, staff, and the general public.


Safety of our clientele is a priority for our department. Individuals who feel uncomfortable walking across campus may contact our department for an escort.

Jump Starts

Vehicle jump starts are provided free of charge if your vehicle is parked on campus.

Vehicle Unlocks

If you lock your keys in your car, vehicle unlocks are provided for vehicles parked on campus. Vehicle owner must be present before an unlock will be done.

Small Amounts of Fuel

If you find yourself low on fuel while parked on campus, the University Police Department will provide you with a small amount to get you safely to a gas station.

Air Bubble

The University Police Department has an air bubble if you have a low tire while parked on campus.

Transport to/from airport and bus terminals

Officers will provide transportation from campus to/from the airport or bus terminals. Please contact the University Police office in advance to make arrangements.

Kiosk phones located throughout campus

Any time you need to contact the University Police while on campus, you may use one of the eight kiosk phones to contact a University Police officer or dispatch.

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