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Certificate Programs


Undergraduate certificates are designed to recognize thematically organized learning and thereby to add value to students' traditional degrees and programs. Certificates shall typically be nine or more credit hours of coursework. The coursework may be outside of a major or minor program, or the coursework may partially fulfill requirements of a major, a minor, or the General Education program. The certificate curriculum can be either within a single academic discipline or interdisciplinary. All classes leading to a certificate must be taken for credit.

There are two types of certificates, workforce certificates and academic focus certificates.

Workforce certificates provide students the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions appropriate for immediate application in a specified type of employment. Workforce certificates can be completed while completing an associate's or bachelor's degree, or they may be earned by students not intending to complete a degree. Workforce certificates are transcripted.

Academic focus certificates provide students a thematically unified set of courses within an area of major study, or crossing boundaries between and among majors, or outside of majors. Their primary value lies in recognizing students for this focused study, even though the program of study is less than a major in scope. Academic focus certificates are not transcripted; record-keeping and the awarding of the certificates is the responsibility of the sponsoring academic department.

The process for approval of workforce certificates shall follow the prescribed workflow for new minors or concentrations. Origination shall be at the department level, with approvals from the chair, dean and Assistant Provost for Academic Programs.

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Communication Studies
All Communication Studies Certificates - contact department
General Communication
Organizational Communication
Public Relations and Advertising

Public History -- contact: Dr. Juti Winchester

Criminal Justice
All Criminal Justice Certificates -- contact department
Justice Networking (offered in conjunction with Department of Informatics)
Law and the Courts
Law Enforcement
Victim Advocacy

Writing - contact Cheryl Duffy

Leadership Studies
Global Leadership -- contact: Dr. Jill Arensdorf
Leadership Studies -- contact: Dr. Jill Arensdorf

Modern Languages
German -- contact department
Spanish -- contact department

All Philosophy certificates - contact department
General Philosophy
Moral and Political Philosophy
Philosophy of Religion

Political Science
All Political Science Certificates -- contact department
Legal Studies/Pre-law
Political Management
Public Administration

Building a Career in a Nonprofit Corporation -- contact: Dr. Keith Campbell
Community Development -- contact: Dr. Brett Zollinger
Cultural Anthropology and Globalization -- contact: Dr. Pelgy Vaz
Eight-Week University Grant Writing Certification Program - contact Dr. Keith Campbell
Grant Proposal Writing and Program Evaluation -- contact: Dr. Keith Campbell
Life Stages and Transitions -- contact: Dr. Kate McGonigal
Sociology of Medicine and Aging -- contact: Dr. Pelgy Vaz
Women's and Gender Studies -- contact: Dr. Amanda Buday

Robbins College of Business and Entrepreneurship

Applied Business Studies
All Applied Business Studies Certificates - contact department
Customer Service
Social Media Marketing
Tourism and Hospitality Management
Tourism and Hospitality Marketing

Economics, Finance and Accounting
Accounting (available on-campus and online) - contact Dr. Cole Engel
Banking (available on-campus and online) - contact Dr. Alan Deines
Economics (available on-campus and online) - contact Dr. Dosse Toulaboe
Finance (available on-campus and online) - contact Dr. Emily Breit
Kansas Insurance Certificate (available on-campus and online) - contact Dr. Tom Johansen

All Informatics Certificates -- contact department
Audio Production
Business Information Systems
E-Commerce Web Development
Information Networking for Criminal Justice
Mobile Application Development
Web Development

All Management Certificates -- contact department
Business Law
Human Resource Management (Undergraduate and Graduate Level)
Operations Management

College of Education

Teacher Education
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) - contact: Dr. Janet Stramel

College of Health and Behavioral Sciences

Allied Health
All Allied Health Certificates -- contact: Ms. Christa Weigel
Cardiovascular Interventional Technology
Computed Tomography
Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography
Healthcare Administration
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Women's Imaging

Health and Human Performance
All Health and Human Performance Certificates -- contact: Mr. Glen McNeil
Coaching (available on-campus only)
Consumer Health
Community Health
Community Health Promotion (graduate level)
Healthy Aging
Massage Therapy

Nursing certificates are post-Masters in Nursing.
Nursing Administration -- contact department
Nursing Education -- contact department

Behavioral Health Technician -- contact: Dr. Leo Herrman or Ms. Jenna Eakes
Case Management -- contact: Dr. Leo Herrman or Ms. Jenna Eakes

Werth College of Science, Technology, and Mathematics

Agriculture Business - contact department

Applied Technology
All Applied Technology Certificates -- contact department
Applied STEM Technology
Architectural Technology
Cabinetmaking Technology
Construction Management
Drafting/Design Technology
Manufacturing Technology

GIS User -- contact: Dr. Richard Lisichenko
Museum Studies -- contact department


International Studies Certificate - contact Office of Global Partnerships

Corporate Certificates

Department of Informatics
The Department of Informatics offers coursework that provides the knowledge and skills needed to obtain Microsoft, Novell, and Oracle certification for relational database development/programming and computer networking technologies. All courses applied toward certificates must be taken for credit. Contact the department chair for a listing of courses for a specific certificate.

The Department of Informatics also offers five 3-hour courses that allow students to accumulate the knowledge and skills needed to obtain the Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) certification. All courses applied toward the certificate must be taken for credit. Students obtaining any degree from the university may complete the certification courses as free electives.


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