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Fort Hays State University
Office of Admissions
Picken Hall 211
600 Park Street
Hays, KS 67601
Phone: 785-628-5666
Fax: 1-800-432-0248
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Admissions Staff

Jon Armstrong
Picture of Jon Armstrong

Jon Armstrong
Interim Director
785-628-4091 (o)
785-639-2624 (bc)

Hugo Perez
Picture of Hugo Perez

Assistant Director
Transfer Coordinator
785-628-4020 (o)
785-639-3639 (bc)

Haley Gomes
Picture of Haley Gomes

Admissions Counselor
Southern Colorado
785-628-5723 (o)
785-650-8011 (bc)

Dani Hartung
Picture of Dani Hartung

Admissions Counselor
Southwest Kansas
785-628-4044 (o)
785-639-3575 (bc)

Katie Hindman
Picture of Katie Hindman

Admissions Counselor
Eastern Kansas
785-628-5724 (o)
785-639-3743 (bc)

Erica Meneses
Picture of Erica Meneses

Multicultural Admissions Counselor
785-628-4503 (o)
785-639-2579 (bc)

Kyle Stacken
Picture of Kyle Stacken

Admissions Counselor
Central Kansas
785-628-5722 (o)
785-639-2907 (bc)

Carolyn Tatro
Picture of Carolyn Tatro

Admissions Counselor
785-628-5667 (o)
785-639-3738 (bc)

Brandon Taylor
Picture of Brandon Taylor

Admissions Counselor
Northwest Kansas/Nebraska
785-628-4042 (o)
785-639-3653 (bc)

Janna Wilkinson
Picture of Janna Wilkinson

Janna Wilkinson
Admissions Counselor
Central Kansas
785-628-4495 (o)
785-639-2944 (bc)

Patty McCullick
Picture of Patty McCullick

Administrative Assistant

Tiffany Reddig
Picture of Tiffany Reddig

Marketing Coordinator

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