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Qualified Admissions Pre- College Curriculum

The six state universities in Kansas use the standards below to review applicants for undergraduate admission. These standards are set by the Kansas Board of Regents.

High school counselors use Kansas Course Codes to identify courses that fulfill Qualified Admissions curriculum requirements. A complete list of courses is available at the Kansas Board of Regents website: kansasregents.org/qualified_admissions. Additionally, your counselor has a list of courses at your high school that fulfill these requirements.

One unit is equivalent to one year, or two semesters. Dual enrollment, concurrent enrollment, and online courses may be used to fulfill the Qualified Admissions curriculum requirements. All courses must appear on your high school transcript, and courses completed in middle school or junior high do not fulfill the Qualified Admissions Math requirements.

4 approved units, 1/2 unit may be speech

Must complete either:
Option A - 3 approved units and meet the ACT college readiness math benchmark of 22
Option B - 4 approved units, one of which must be taken in the graduating year.

Natural Science
3 approved units, one of which must be a full unit of Chemistry or Physics

Social Sciences - 3 units required
3 approved units

3 approved units

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