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M.S. in Instructional Technology Program at a Glance

The core courses for the Master of Science in Instructional Technology degree program are offered through various departments at FHSU. Your advisor will help keep you updated about changes not reflected in the course schedule.

This program offers a tremendous amount of flexibility as classes can be taken in 4, 8, or 16 week semesters. There is no particular order to take these classes; however, it is suggested that you rethink taking EDL 850 School Law at the same time you consider taking AEP 803 Research; and MIT 885 is to be taken last as it doubles as your comprehensive exam.

3 AEP 800
Utilization of Technology
(Aug-Oct) or (Oct-Dec) (Jan-Mar) or (Mar-May) (June), (July), or (June-July)
3 AEP 803
Educational Research
(Aug-Dec) (Jan-May) (June-July)
3 MIT 805
Instructional Technology Theory and Practice
(Aug-Oct) (Mar-May) (June)
3 MIT 806
Sem/Ed II: Developing Web-based Instruction
(Oct-Dec) (Jan-May) (July)
3 MIT 812
Multimedia Applications
(Aug-Oct) Intercession (Dec-Jan) still counts as a spring course (June-July)
3 MIT 822
Hypermedia/Hypertext Applications
(Oct-Dec) (Jan-Mar) (July)
3 EDL 850
School Law
(Aug-Oct) or (Oct-Dec) (Jan-Mar) or (Mar-May) (June) or (July)
3 AEP 855
Educational Leadership
(Aug-Oct) or (Oct-Dec) (Jan-Mar) or (Mar-May) (June), (July), or (June-July)
3 AEP 867
Design and Assessment
(Aug-Dec) (Jan-May) Summer 2016
3 AEP 880
Cultural Diversity
(Aug-Oct) or (Oct-Dec) (Jan-Mar) or (Mar-May) (June) or (July)
3 Elective (MIT 813: Message Design or AEP 873: Google in Education (Aug-Oct), (Oct-Dec) or (Aug-Dec) (Jan-Mar), (Mar-May) NA
3 MIT 885
Instructional Technology Practicum (Last course)
(Aug-Dec) (Jan-May) (June-July)
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