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The Restricted Teaching License Alternative Pathway is one of numerous routes to the classroom. It is intended to respond to the needs of school districts when hiring qualified, licensed teachers. It is designed to recruit professionals who have a bachelor’s, master’s degree, or equivalent coursework in a content area they want to teach and are seeking a career change. Heritage language speakers with a bachelor’s degree or higher can also utilize the restricted licensure to teach their native languages. This pathway provides an opportunity for these individuals to have immediate access to start teaching under a restricted license while completing professional education pedagogy coursework to become fully licensed.

The T2T program at Fort Hays State University is offered completely online except for a 4-day induction course (ALTC 800, 2 credit hours) which is offered on campus during the Summer. Typically this course is held during the last week of July. On-campus housing is available. The remaining coursework includes 7 classes (18 credit hours) and 4 credit hours of practicum work for a total of 24 credit hours.


Qualifying Content Areas


 Middle Level



 PreK - 12


Degree or Non-Degree (T2T)

The Transition to Teaching program through Fort Hays State University includes two options.

  • First is the non-degree program. This is the state contracted T2T program that encompasses 24 credit hours over the course of 2 years. Program for Non-degree Transition to Teaching.
  • The second option works in conjunction with the 2-year, 24 credit hour program and includes a graduate degree. This is the same state contracted licensure program above but includes 12 additional credit hours of graduate coursework that leads to a Master of Science in Education degree. The four additional courses can be taken in conjunction with the 24 credit hour program or after it’s completion. Program for MSE in Education Transition to Teaching.


Committed To Your Success

The Transition to Teaching program is designed for your success. Kansas schools, and more importantly, Kansas students expect qualified teachers who are dedicated to high student achievement. For this reason, the Kansas State Department of Education partners with universities and accredited Kansas schools to provide high quality programs that are geared toward your success.

Tenured mentor teachers will be assigned by your employing school to provide day to day guidance. Next, the university hires supervisors who will evaluate your instruction and provide expertise with research based instructional practices. Finally, your academic success will showcase continual progress. For all T2T students a 3.0 minimum GPA and no grade lower than a C are required.


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