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Students desiring to become teachers have two basic routes available to them. To become an Early Childhood Unified (Birth to Age 8) or Elementary Education (K-6) teacher, a candidate will need to complete a traditional program that involves a semester of student teaching after all of the major and pedagogical courses are completed. For teaching at the middle or high school levels, the traditional program can also be completed or the Transition to Teaching (T2T) path. The Transition to Teaching program requires that a person have a bachelor's degree or higher or equivalent coursework to a major in a content area and are employed to teach in Kansas in a state accredited school, public or private, in the qualifying subject area.. They then take the education courses online while teaching.

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Admission to Teacher Education

IMPORTANT: Candidates applying to the Teacher Education program must complete a Background Check.  Candidates applying for student teaching must complete a Background Check if they have not previously completed one.  Verification of a currently valid Kansas Emergency Substitute License will be accepted in place of the Background Check. 

Continuation in Education Restricted Courses and/or Student Teaching

Policy G.4 Continuation in Education Restricted Courses and/or Student Teaching  was revised to allow a one semester probationary period, rather than a full year.  If requirements are not met during the probationary
period, the candidate is dropped from the program immediately.  They can apply for reinstatement after laying out of education classes for one semester.

Admission to Student Teaching

Student teaching is usually done the last semester before graduation. Requirements to be met for admission to student teaching are:

  • Admission to Student Teaching Requirements
  • Licensure Forms - Teacher Education Admission, Student Teaching and Waivers 
  • Professional Liability Insurance - The College of Education requires all candidates to have current professional liability insurance during all student teaching experiences. Candidates must provide verification of current professional liability insurance to the Office of Professional Services through their TK20 Student Teaching Application. To meet this requirement, see options below.



Mrs. Kerry Schuckman
Licensure Officer
Rarick Hall 220B


 Personal Profile  

B.S. in Business Administration-Marketing,
Kansas State University, 1982
Worked for various marketing and marketing research firms in Dallas and Kansas City before moving to Hays.

Employed in FHSU College of Education since 1990 -- Licensure Officer since 1994.

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