Routes to Becoming a Teacher 

Traditional Programs

This route requires completion of all content (major) coursework, education coursework, and a semester of student teaching prior to obtaining a teaching license. This is the only option for students seeking to become an Elementary Education or Early Childhood Unified teacher. Within this route, there is an option to apply to the Residency Program as a paraprofessional. These two programs are available entirely online from Fort Hays State University. Middle level or secondary education teachers can choose to complete this traditional route or the Transition to Teaching route. Business Education and Spanish Education are the only secondary education programs offered entirely online in the traditional route.

Alternative Licensure (Transition to Teaching)

This route requires the candidate to hold a bachelor's degree or higher in a specific content area or have enough coursework to be equivalent to having a major in a content area. The candidate must be hired under contract in Kansas to teach the subject they qualify for in order to enter the program. The education classes are taken online while teaching. More information about Transition to Teaching is available at the T2T tab.

Additional Endorsements Added to a Teaching License

All of the graduate education programs can be added to an existing Kansas teaching license or to qualify for a Leadership or School Specialist license. Secondary education endorsements can be added to an existing Kansas teaching license through testing only. To see the tests Kansas requires, go to and click on Kansas requirements.

Coursework for Traditional Programs

The programs listed under the Undergraduate column lead to an Initial Teaching License. The coursework under Professional Studies for Secondary Majors is required of all of the secondary education programs in the list.

The programs listed under the Graduate column are add-ons once an Initial Teaching License has been obtained. 


Important Resources

Admission to Teacher Education

IMPORTANT: Candidates applying to the Teacher Education program must complete a Background Check. Candidates applying for student teaching must complete a Background Check if they have not previously completed one. Verification of a currently valid Kansas Emergency Substitute License will be accepted in place of the Background Check.

Admission to Student Teaching

  • How to Apply
  • Admission to Student Teaching Requirements
  • Application for Practicum - If you've previously completed a licensure program and are completing requirements to add an endorsement to your license, you will need to apply to do a practicum at/near completion of your required endorsement courses.  Click HERE for instructions on how to apply to complete your practicum.
  • Professional Liability Insurance - The College of Education requires all candidates to provide professional liability insurance coverage verification prior to completing field experiences. Verification will be submitted with the student teaching application.
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