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Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) Library Media Licensure Requirements

To receive an institutional verification from Fort Hays State University to the Kansas State Department of Education, applicants for a Library Media endorsement must complete the Fort Hays State University-approved Library Media Program.

Steps for Obtaining a Provisional Library Media License

  • Complete 50% of the approved Library Media Licensure program.
  • Secure a position as a Library Media Specialist.
  •  Apply for a "Provisional School Specialist License".  This is KSDE Form 4.
  •  Upon submission of the online application, it will go to the employing district for completion.  They will then forward to the FHSU Licensure Officer for final completion and submission to KSDE.  Allow 4-6 weeks for processing the application.  The license is valid for a period of two years.

Steps for Obtaining an Initial Library Media License

  • Complete the approved Library Media Licensure Program and provides evidence of an earned master’s degree.
  • Achieve a passing score of 153 on the ETS Content Assessment for Library Media Specialist – test code 5311. Register for the exam at
  • Secure a position as a Library Media Specialist.
  • Apply for an "Initial School Specialist License".  This is KSDE Form 1.  Upon submission, it will go to the FHSU Licensure Officer for final completion and submission to KSDE. Allow 4-6 weeks for processing the application.

Steps for Obtaining an Initial Professional Library Media License

  • Complete the year-long district-administered mentoring program and then contact KSDE for a “Professional School Specialist License” application.
    • Each applicant for an initial professional library media license shall submit to the state board the following:
      • Verification of successful completion of the school specialist performance assessment prescribed by the state board while employed in a school accredited by the state board or by a national or regional accrediting agency recognized by the state board;
      • Verification of at least one year of recent accredited experience or at least eight semester hours of recent credit;
      • An application for professional library media license; and
      • Licensure fee.
  •  Apply for a “Professional School Specialist License”. This is KSDE Form 21 “Application for Kansas Upgrade to Professional License” available from KSDE. KSDE will mail the license directly to the candidate. Allow KSDE 4-6 weeks for processing the application.

For More Information about Library Media Licensure, Contact:

Free Content Test Preparation Material

The Library Media Specialist Tests at a Glance includes sample questions with scored, annotated responses, and test-taking strategies. You can download Tests at a Glance by going to and clicking on the "Test Preparation" link.

Test Score Results

When registering for the test, choose "Fort Hays State University as a score recipient. ETS will not send you your test results by mail; however, they will be available on their website approximately four weeks after taking the test. Make sure to print a copy for your records.

District Administered Mentorship Program

All individuals holding an initial Library Media Specialist license must complete a year-long district administered mentorship program to successfully complete the performance assessment as a prerequisite to receiving a professional Library Media Specialist license.

         Policies and Requirements for the Mentorship Program:

  • Mentoring and supervision for a one-year period must be provided by the district during the term of an initial license.
  • The assigned mentor must hold a professional license.
  • Candidates are no longer required to enroll in and complete internship credit through the higher education institution.
  • The higher education institution where the program was completed is no longer required to provide supervision.
  • The district providing the mentoring/supervision will be required to complete a verification form as part of the upgrade application process for the professional license
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