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A Global Business College

Knowledge of global issues is critical for today's college graduate. Employers now demand international and cross-cultural competencies, even in their entry-level employees; small business owners increasingly require these skills to thrive. College graduates who are truly forward thinking and world ready will find a new and unique realm of opportunities at their disposal. This new world of opportunity is foreclosed to the students of purely domestic programs. Even those students who intend to remain in Western Kansas will find that their careers and effectiveness as business leaders will depend in large measure upon their ability to work with people from other cultures and their ability to account for the effects of global competitors, suppliers, customers, and trends.

Acknowledging the timeliness and urgency of this reality, the FHSU College of Business and Entrepreneurship has embraced internationalization as a key strategic priority. The College is committed to expanding the global credentials and cross-cultural experiences of its students and faculty, fully integrating critical global dimensions into its programs, and connecting its students with global employers. We strive to make "global thinking" a core facet of our College's culture.

This webpage describes upcoming global opportunities for the College's students and faculty, as well as recent Global News involving COBE students and faculty.

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