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COBE Handbook

  1. Faculty Workload
  2. The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) addresses "Faculty Workload" in Article XIII.
    1. Instruction
    2. The normal instructional workload for full-time faculty is 12 credit hours of regularly scheduled courses each fall and spring semester. MBA faculty may have a 9 credit hour workload each semester. Modified instructional assignments are available to faculty through Track I and Track II reassigned time policies. While faculty preferences may be considered, final determination of teaching assignments and schedules will be made by the University.
    3. Scholarly Activity
    4. Full-time faculty members are expected to engage in research appropriate to their discipline.
    5. Service
    6. Service activity includes service to a faculty member's profession; service to their department, college, and university; and service to the community.
    7. Advising
    8. Academic advising of both on- and off-campus students, whether traditional or electronically, is a regular part of the faculty member's responsibility.
    9. Office Hours
    10. Faculty members are expected to hold a reasonable number of regularly scheduled office hours. Some departments within the college may specifically define these hours or require that the schedule be provided to the departmental administrative assistant each semester. All COBE faculty are expected to post the office hours they are available in their offices for student contact outside their doors.
    11. Reassigned Time
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