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COBE Handbook

  1. Faculty
    1. Guidelines for Faculty Development and Evaluation
    2. Guidelines for Faculty Development and Evaluation cover the following:
      • Merit
      • Tenure
      • Promotion
      • Chronic Low Performance
      Policies will vary by department. These policies are available on the COBE Blackboard site under the respective department's folder.
    3. Faculty Sufficiency and Qualifications
    4. To enhance and maintain quality education in the accomplishment of the college's mission, the COBE faculty must acquire and sustain their intellectual qualifications and current expertise. To assure that faculty members remain qualified, the school has developed policies for Faculty Sufficiency and Qualifications. These address faculty initial and on-going qualifications. They are posted on the COBE Blackboard site.
    5. Definitions of Participating and Supporting Faculty
    6. Quality university programs are dependent on faculty who participate in the leadership, research, and service to the institution and its students. In alignment with AACSB standards, the COBE defines faculty as "Participating" and "Supporting" and requires that participating faculty members will deliver at least 75 percent of the BBA and MBA programs (accredited program) annual teaching as measured by credit hours. Normally, participating faculty members will deliver at least 60 percent of the teaching in each discipline, each academic program, and location. "Participating" and "Supporting" faculty are defined in the Policies for Faculty Sufficiency and Qualifications. These are found in the COBE Blackboard site.
    7. Membership in the Graduate Faculty
    8. In order to teach and advise graduate students, faculty members at FHSU must be elected to become Graduate Faculty. Graduate faculty must meet significant qualification standards based on degrees earned and scholarly activity. The university recognizes two levels of Graduate Faculty: Masters I and Masters II. For information on election to Graduate Faculty status and criteria, visit:
    9. Digital Measures
    10. The COBE has adopted Digital Measures as a tool to enable faculty to gather professional data for both individual reporting for activities as merit and for departmental and college reports that are dependent upon faculty data. The logon to Digital Measures is found at:
    11. Faculty Personnel Files
    13. Outside Employment/Consulting
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