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COBE Handbook

  1. Instructional Procedures

    1. Academic Calendar

    3. Book Orders
    4. Book order requests to the University Bookstore for Virtual College classes must be submitted on the web at:

      Book order request for on-campus classes can also be submitted on the web at, but they can also be filled out using te forms given to each department administrative assistant by the Bookstore personnel.>

      Relay book order information to the department's administrative assistant so a record of book orders can be maintained in the department's files.

    5. Class Attendance
    6. Class attendance is expected of students. The following university policy applies to class attendance.
      Attendance, Absence Notices and Records, Absences of Students

    7. Class Time Changes
    8. Generally, class meeting times cannot be changed once the deadline passes for changes to the University Class Schedule. Faculty should not change the meeting time as listed on the official University Class Schedule unless receiving prior approval from the Department Chair and College Dean. The class location may be changed if a substitute room is available. A one-time use of a room can be scheduled using the EMS Room Reservation System on the web located at Permanent changes for the location of a class need to be approved by the Department Chair and College Dean.

    9. Class Cancellation Policy
      1. Weather Conditions Affecting Classes

      3. Absence of Faculty Member
      4. If a faculty member is ill or has an emergency and needs to cancel class, notify the department chair so students can be informed of class cancellation. Absences for official university business or personal reasons need to be approved by the dean.

    10. Grades
      1. Grade Reporting
      2. Grades need to be reported each semester before the deadline established by the Registrar otherwise notification will be sent to the faculty member's chair and dean. Grade submission for faculty is typically electronic through a secure portal. Faculty teaching in China and in other unusual circumstances may need to make other arrangements through the departmental chair or program coordinator.

      3. Changing Grades
      4. If a student's grade needs to be changed after grades have been submitted, faculty members can access the "Change of Grade Request" through Lotus Notes.

      5. Incompletes
        1. Assigning an Incomplete

        3. Removing an Incomplete

      6. Posting Student Grades
      7. Posting of grades should not allow for student identification by anyone other than the instructor and the student. One of the easiest ways to allow students access to their grades is by using the Gradebook on Blackboard.

      8. Grade Appeal Policy
      9. The College of Business and Leadership has a formal Grade Appeal Policy in place.

    11. Class Rosters
    12. Class rosters and photo rosters are distributed by the Registrar's Office after the start of each semester. You can also view your rosters on the CICS Student System.

    13. Course Syllabus
    14. The COBE has adopted a uniform syllabus in order to assist students in finding information in a uniform manner from course to course and instructor to instructor. The uniform syllabus is available on the COBE Blackboard site. Faculty members are asked to provide a copy of each course syllabus to the department administrative assistant so it can be maintained in the department's files. All syllabi should also be put on the university website. This allows students and potential students to access the syllabus as they weigh course, scheduling, and major options.

    15. Final Exams
    16. Faculty are expected to hold class during the official final exam period and are expected to administer an exam or comparable assessment. The Registrar's Office will issue the Final Exam schedule each semester.

    17. Add Policy

    19. Withdrawal Policy

    21. Independent Studies
    22. Independent studies may be arranged with individual faculty members. All independent studies courses require advanced approval of the department chair. These include readings, topics, internships, and apprenticeships.

    23. Internships
    24. The College of Business and Leadership strongly encourages internships as important experiential learning opportunities. Students are encouraged to find internship opportunities through the FHSU Career Services Office, FHSU Career Fairs, through personal and family contacts, and through contacts that instructors and other FHSU faculty may have with companies and organizations.

      Policies for awarding internships for college credit vary by department. Please contact the department chair for clarification on the policy.

    25. Student Evaluations of Faculty Instruction
    26. Student evaluations of faculty instruction are completed each semester. Each faculty member will receive a copy of the statistical report for each class after processing by the CTC/CTELT. As of the 2011-2012 academic year, results of student evaluations should load directly into the faculty member's Digital Measures account.

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