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COBL Faculty Handbook

  1. Introduction
    This handbook has been prepared as a convenient reference to Fort Hays State University and College of Business and Leadership (COBE) policies, procedures, and regulations for use by College of Business and Entrepreneurship faculty and staff. The handbook is organized into sections that cover specific FHSU and COBE topics that are used most often. Sections sometimes include the full text of the policies, procedures, and regulations, while others only reference the source document or give a web link. A number of the longer COBE policies are hosted as separate documents on the College of Business and Leadership Blackboard site All COBE faculty and staff have access to this secure site that provides a document depository for the college.
    1. Dean's Message
    2. COBE Mission Statement
      The College of Business and Entrepreneurship at Fort Hays State University values teaching that brings discipline-based, applied, and pedagogical research to the classroom.

      Kansas and the surrounding states are the primary target markets for on-campus education while off-campus students are served worldwide.

      Education, built upon a liberal arts foundation, is provided in small classes by dedicated faculty using technology-rich facilities.

      Students develop analytical, communication, and teamwork skills; technological expertise; and lifelong relationships through experiential learning opportunities in collaboration with local and regional businesses. Graduates are competitive in the dynamic global marketplace.

      Approved by College of Business and Entrepreneurship faculty on October 4, 2006
    3. COBE Vision Statement
      The College of Business and Leadership will have programs of distinction with quality on-campus and distance learning instruction. Its faculty will be respected scholars and experts in their fields and dedicated to serving the business and academic community.
      COBE adopted by consensus May 5, 2010
    4. Organizational Chart
    5. Strategic Plan
    6. COBE Committee Charges, Minutes, and Other Documents
      Annually, the Dean will provide each COBE committee with a charge for the year. This charge will be shared with all faculty by email and will be retained on the COBE Blackboard site for reference. The Dean may meet with specific committees to discuss their responsibilities for the academic year. Minutes of committee meetings, reports, recommendations, and other documents are saved under specific folders for each committee on the COBE Blackboard site.
    7. Academic Dean's Responsibilities
      Dean of the College of Business and Entrepreneurship is responsible for the overall instruction, scholarship, and service activities of the college. He or she must be a team leader who assures that the college team comprised of faculty, staff, GTAs, and undergraduate student workers deliver quality instruction, maintains the college's intellectual currency and provides appropriate and valuable service.
    8. The Dean is responsible to assure that departments and programs within departments engage in continuous improvement of the content and delivery of coursework and academic programs. He or she must assure that units have up-to-date programs and related academic catalog materials, affinity diagrams, and quality assessment/assurance of learning tools in place. These must be accomplished in the context of relevant university, accreditation association, and Kansas Board of Regents standards.

      The Dean is responsible for approving department academic schedules, office and classroom assignments, student schedule overload requests and is involved in student academic appeals and in resolving conflicts that have risen beyond the department level within the college.

      The Dean is responsible for assuring that the college provides an active environment for scholarship and that policies and resources are in place to assure that all college faculty members are appropriately engaged and current in their fields of expertise.

      The Dean serves on the Provost's Council, Academy of Academic Leadership, and the President's Cabinet, and in a number of annual university committee and council appointments. He or she chairs the COBE Executive Committee and appoints the college level committees.

      The Dean is responsible for the college's discretionary finances as well as advocating for allocation of funding and fundraising efforts on behalf of the college. These efforts are conducted in coordination with the FHSU President and other appropriate university staff and with the FHSU Foundation.

    9. Department Chair's Responsibilities
      The document entitled Role of the Departmental Chair in the College of Business and Leadership is posted under COBE policies on the COBE Blackboard site.
    10. Degree Programs
    11. Affirmative Action Policy
      1. Guidelines Regarding Services for Persons with Disabilities
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