Emergency Management Plan

Table of Contents

Letter of Promulgation
Table of Contents
Record of Revisions


Guiding Principles
Purpose of Plan
Laws and Regulations
Federal, State, Kansas Board of Regents


Members of Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)
Tasks of the BIT
Other Threats
Mitigation Strategies
Community Partnerships


Levels of Emergency Response
Declaration of Emergency and Plan Activation
Authority to Initiate an Emergency Notification
FHSU President Line of Succession
Incident Command System Overview
Organizational Structure for Emergency Management at FHSU
Critical Incident Policy Group (CIPG)
Working Groups Reporting to Critical Incident Policy Group
FHSU Emergency Co-Managers
Incident Management Team
Command Staff
General Staff
Training Plan
Training of Critical Incident Policy Group (CIPG)
Training of Incident Management Team (IMT)
Command Staff
General Staff
Follow-up Training
Functional Exercise
Full-scale Exercise
Resource Management Overview


About Appendices
Activation Procedure


AAa: Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) Protocol for Internal Communication
AAb: Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) Protocol for Reporting Incidents to BIT
AAc: Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) Classifying Risk and Interventions
AAd: NaBITA Threat Assessment Tool


BAa: Critical Incident Policy Group Assignments and Designated Alternates
BAb: Incident Management Team Assignments and Designated Alternates
BBa: Training and Exercises
BBb: Training and Exercises
BC: Glossary of Abbreviations


C: Common Responsibilities
C1: Common Responsibilities Checklist

C2: Leadership Responsibilities Checklist

C3: Operations Planning Cycle

CBa: Initial Response and Assessment

CBb: Incident Briefing (ICS 201)

CBc: Initial Unified Command Meeting

CBd: Unified Command Objectives Meeting (sometimes called Strategy Meeting)

CBe: Command and General Staff Meeting

CBf: Preparing for the Tactics Meeting

CBg: Tactics Meeting

CBh: Preparing for the Planning Meeting

CBi: Planning Meeting

CBj: Incident Action Plan Preparation and Approval
CBk: IAP Common Components
CBl: ICS Forms

CBn: Operations Briefing

CBo: Assess Progress

CBp: Special Purpose Meetings

CC: Command Staff

CCa: Command Staff Incident Commander

CCb: Command Staff Incident Commanders Major Responsibilities

CCc: Command Staff Public Information Officer Major Responsibilities

CCd: Command Staff Safety Officer Major Responsibilities

CCe: Command Staff Liaison Officer Major Responsibilities

CCf: Command Staff Agency Representative Major Responsibilities

CD: Operations

CDa: Operations Section Chief (OSC)

CDb: Operations Position Checklist: Operations Section Chief (OSC) Major Responsibilities

CDc: Operations Position Checklist: Branch Director Major Responsibilities

CDd: Operations Position Checklist: Division/ Group Supervisor Major Responsibilities

CDe: Operations Position Checklist: Strike Team/ Task Force Leader (TFL) Major Responsibilities

CDf: Operations Position Checklist: Single Resource Leader Major Responsibilities

CDg: Operations Position Checklist: Staging Area Manager Major Responsibilities

CDh: Operations Position Checklist: Air Operations Branch Director (AOBD) Major Responsibilities

CDi: Operations Position Checklist: Air Tactical Group Supervisor Major Responsibilities

CDj: Operations Position Checklist: Air Support Group Supervisor Major Responsibilities

CDk: Operations Position Checklist: Technical Specialists Major Responsibilities

CE: Planning CEa: Planning Position Checklists: Planning Section Chief (PSC) Major Responsibilities

CEb: Planning Position Checklists: Resource Unit Leader Major Responsibilities

CEc: Planning Position Checklists: Check-In/Status Recorder Major Responsibilities

CEd: Planning Position Checklists: Situation Unit Leader Major Responsibilities

CEe: Planning Position Checklists: Display Processor (DP) Major Responsibilities

CEf: Planning Position Checklists: Field Observer Major Responsibilities

CEg: Planning Position Checklists: Documentation Unit Leader Major Responsibilities

CEh: Planning Position Checklists: Demobilization Unit Leader Major Responsibilities

CEi: Planning Position Checklists: Technical Specialists Major Responsibilities

CF: Logistics

CFa: Logistics Position Checklists: Logistics Section Chief (LSC) Major Responsibilities

CFb: Logistics Position Checklists: Service Branch Director Major Responsibilities

CFc: Logistics Position Checklists: Communications Unit Leader Major Responsibilities

CFd: Logistics Position Checklists: Incident Dispatcher Major Responsibilities

CFe: Logistics Position Checklists: Medical Unit Leader Major Responsibilities

CFf: Logistics Position Checklists: Responder Rehabilitation Manager Major Responsibilities

CFg: Logistics Position Checklists: Food Unit Leader Major Responsibilities

CFh: Logistics Position Checklists: Support Branch Director Major Responsibilities

CFi: Logistics Position Checklists: Supply Unit Leader Major Responsibilities

CFj: Logistics Position Checklists: Ordering Manager Major Responsibilities

CFk: Logistics Position Checklists: Receiving and Distribution Manager Major Responsibilities

CFl: Logistics Position Checklists: Facilities Unit Leader Major Responsibilities

CFm: Logistics Position Checklists: Facilities Management Specialist Major Responsibilities

CFn: Logistics Position Checklists: Security Manager Major Responsibilities

CFo: Logistics Position Checklists: Base Manager Major Responsibilities

CFp: Logistics Position Checklists: Camp Manager Major Responsibilities

CFq: Logistics Position Checklists: Ground Support Unit Leader Major Responsibilities

CFr: Logistics Position Checklists: Equipment Manager Major Responsibilities

CFs: Logistics Position Checklists: Technical Specialists Major Responsibilities

CG: Finance/Administration

CGa: Finance/Administration Position Checklist: Finance/Administration Section Chief (FSC) Major Responsibilities

CGb: Finance/Administration Position Checklist: Time Unit Leader Major Responsibilities

CGc: Finance/Administration Position Checklist: Equipment Time Recorder Major Responsibilities

CGd: Finance/Administration Position Checklist: Personnel Time Recorder Major Responsibilities

CGe: Finance/Administration Position Checklist: Procurement Unit Leader Major Responsibilities

CGf: Finance/Administration Position Checklist: Compensation and Claims Unit Leader Major Responsibilities
CGg: Finance/Administration Position Checklist: Compensation for Injury Specialist Major Responsibilities

CGh: Finance/Administration Position Checklist: Claims Specialist Major Responsibilities

CGi: Finance/Administration Position Checklist: Cost Unit Leader Major Responsibilities

CGj: Finance/Administration Position Checklist: Technical Specialist Major Responsibilities

CH: Additional Resources: Example Decisions and Objectives

CI: Example Staffing Matrix

CJa: Check List 1: Critical Incident Policy Group (CIPG)

CJb: Check List 2: Emergency Co-Managers (ESF-5)

CJc: Check List 3: Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Coordinator (ESF-5)

CJd: Check List 4: Emergency Operations Center Support Staff and Scribe

CJe: Check List 5: Liaison Officer

CJf: Check List 6: Public Information Officer (ESF-15)

CJg: Check List 7: Safety Officer CJh: Check List 8: Operations Section Chief

CJi: Check List 9: University Police Department (ESF-13)

CJj: Check List 10: Facilities Operations (ESF-3)

CJk: Check List 11: Environment, Health and Safety (ESF-10)

CJl: Check List 12: Student Housing (ESF-6)

CJm: Check List 13: Medical Care (ESF-8)

CJn: Check List 14: Telecommunications (Information Services) (ESF-2)

CJo: Check List 15: Computing (Information Services) (ESF-2)

CJp: Check List 16: Student Care (ESF-6)

CJq: Check List 17: Planning Section Chief

CJr: Check List 18: Design and Construction Management (ESF-14)

CJs: Check List 19: Situation Unit

CJt: Check List 20: Logistics Section Chief

CJu: Check List 21: Resource Procurement (ESF-7)

CJv: Check List 22: Space Management

CJw: Check List 23: Human Resource and Equal Opportunity - Staff and Volunteers

CJx: Check List 24: Transportation Services, Vehicles (ESF-1)

CJy: Check List 25: Emergency Food, Water and Sanitations (ESF-7)

CJz: Check List 26: Finance and Administration Section Chief

CJaa: Check List 27: Emergency Accounting

CJab: Check List 28: Insurance/Federal Emergency Agency/Risk Management

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