Emergency Management Plan

Letter of Promulgation

Fort Hays State University
Hays, Kansas

September - 2010

Dr. Tisa Mason
President/Chief Executive Officer

Responsibility for emergency response and recovery at Fort Hays State University has been delegated to the University, subject to the laws of the State of Kansas and the policies, rules and regulations of the Kansas Board of Regents, pursuant to K.S.A. 76-725. The Fort Hays Emergency Management Plan (EMP) describes the duties and responsibilities of designated individuals, and groups within the University community in the event of a disaster.

This plan is a guide to be used in all phases of Emergency Management in order to minimize the impact of emergencies, to protect life and property, and to restore the normal functioning of the University following an emergency.

In accordance with the Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD) 5 and Governor's Executive Order 05-03, University agencies or departments with responsibilities delineated in this Emergency Management Plan will use the National Incident Management System. The National Incident Management System insures proper coordination between local, state, and federal organizations in emergency operation.

Following approval by the President's Cabinet which occurred on September 1, 2010, this Emergency Management Plan and its attachments, appendices and annexes are adopted as University policy.

In coordination with the Critical Incident Policy Group (CIPG), the Emergency Co-Managers will maintain the Fort Hays State University EMP.

Signed by:
Tisa Mason, Ed.D.,CAE
President and Chief Executive Officer
Fort Hays State University
Revised 1/2018

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