Emergency Management Plan


Mitigation and prevention involve evaluating risk of harm to FHSU and taking actions necessary to minimize the harm.

Risk Assessment: CIPG is responsible for coordinating risk assessment and identifying possible hazards. FHSU will conduct its emergency planning in cooperation with the Ellis County Local Emergency Planning Committee, Ellis County Emergency Management, the City of Hays and the Kansas Division of Emergency Management. FHSU utilizes an all-hazards approach to emergency planning. CIPG is responsible for selecting and using an appropriate risk assessment tool and will conduct periodic reviews of risks and planning.

Behavioral Threats: BIT is a sub-committee reporting directly to CIPG and is chaired by the Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs. BIT is a working group for behavioral assessment utilizing the National Behavioral Intervention Team Association model for behavioral threat assessment. BIT is responsible for classifying, addressing and referring behavioral risks to appropriate law enforcement and mental health resources.

BIT refers reports of behavioral issues constituting an immediate threat to life or property to the FHSU Police Department (UPD), which will respond, operating within statutory authority provided in K.S.A. 59-2953 and 59-2954 and amendments thereto for the "Care and Treatment for Mentally Ill Persons."

BIT refers non-behavioral threats, such as structural insecurity, data vulnerability and similar concerns to one of the Emergency Co-Managers for follow-up.

The Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs/Student Life will serve as liaison between the CIPG and BIT.

The appendix contains descriptions of the National Behavioral Intervention Team Association Threat Assessment Tool and the methodology of classifying risk. In addition, the specific members, duties and protocols of BIT are contained in the Mitigation Appendix.

The members of BIT are:

  • Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs/Student Life.
  • Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs/Student Support Services.
  • Director of FHSU Police.
  • Athletic Department representative.
  • Director of Residential Life.
  • Assistant Provost for Quality Assurance.
  • Other faculty and staff members may be consulted on a case-by-case basis.

Tasks of the BIT are:

  • Create and operate within a written protocol;
  • Centralize reporting and records about potentially concerning behavior by establishing clear protocols for faculty and staff on responding to persons in distress;
  • Establish a campus-wide database into which real-time incident information will be submitted, reviewed for red-flags and acted upon accordingly;
  • Evaluate reported behavior;
  • Facilitate early support and intervention by coordinating follow-up with appropriate internal and external resources and referral to mental health care providers;
  • Train faculty and staff on the protocols for responding to persons in distress;
  • Develop a rubric for classification of personal distress into specific levels of criticality, warranting varying levels of escalating intervention and/or support.

Other Threats

Non-behavioral threats will be reported to the applicable building supervisor or Director of Facilities Planning, who will refer the report to one of the Emergency Co-Managers.

Mitigation Strategies

CIPG is responsible for developing appropriate recommendations for mitigating risks identified in the assessment process.

Community Partnerships

FHSU has entered into Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with area partners for assistance to be provided during critical incidents. The MOUs include:

  • Annexation Agreement between the City of Hays and FHSU.
  • City of Hays Police Department agreement with the FHSU Police Department.
  • Ellis County High Technology Crime Unit Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Memorandum of Understanding between FHSU Police and the Kansas Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.
  • Statement of Agreement between FHSU and the Ellis County Chapter of the American Red Cross.
  • Memorandum of Understanding between Hays Unified School District #489 and Fort Hays State University.
  • Intergovernmental Police Service and Assistance (Pursuant to K.S.A. 12-16, 117).
  • Memorandum of Understanding with other regents institutions.
  • Memorandum of Understanding with Kennedy Middle School.
  • High Plains Community Mental Health Center
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