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Bachelor of Business Administration Degree with a Majorin International Business and Economics

The B.B.A. Degree with a Major in International Business and Economics will equip you with solid skills in the different business areas of economics, finance, accounting, management, and marketing. This degree also enables you to focus on the international dimensions of product and resource markets and international business practices. This program of study will deepen your knowledge and understanding about cultures, customs, geography, politics, and languages.
(B.B.A. Degree with a Major in International Business and Economics On-Campus Program Requirements in printable, PDF format)

(B.B.A. Degree with a Major in International Business and Economics Online Program Requirement in printable, PDF format)

Program Summary

General Education - 55 hours
Business Core - 27 hours
International Business and Economics Major - 39 hours
Elective Course - 3 hours

The Top Ten

Students planning to enroll in upper-division business core courses (those numbered 300 and above) must satisfy the following requirements: (1) achieve junior standing by completing a minimum of 60 semester hours; and (2) complete the following ten specific courses with a GPA of at least a 2.25: ACCT 203, ACCT 204, ECON 201, ECON 202, COMM 100, ENG 101, ENG 102, INF 101, MATH 110, and MATH 250.

Students who have close to 60 hours and have enrolled in the required lower-division (100-200 level) courses may enroll in introductory upper-division courses to complete a full schedule. Advisors may petition, on behalf of a particular student, the RCOBE’s BBA Continuous Improvement Committee for special permission to enroll in upper-division courses.

Business Core - 27 Credit Hours

ACCT 203 Principles of Accounting I 
ACCT 204 Principles of Accounting II 
BCOM 301 Business Communication 
FIN 305 Managerial Finance 
GBUS 204 Business Law I 
MGT 301 Management Principles 
MGT 602 Production & Operations Management 
MGT 650 Business Policy 
MKT 301 Marketing Principles 

International Business and Economics Major - 39 Credit Hours

ECON 644 International Economics 
FIN 645 International Finance 
MGT 606 International Business 
MKT 606 International Marketing 

Major Electives (27 credit hours with a minimum of 12 ECON or FIN hours)
ECON 467 Internship 
ECON 601 Quantitative Methods 
ECON 640 Money and Banking
ECON 651 Managerial Economics 
FIN 405 Intermediate Finance 
FIN 607 Options and Futures Markets 
FIN 631 Risk Management 
FIN 641 Financial Markets and Institutions 
FIN 642 Bank Management 
BCOM 400 Global Business Communication 
GSCI 105 Cultural Geography 
GSCI 240 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems 
LDRS 306 Leadership and Team Dynamics 
MGT 601 Project/Program Management 
POLS 230 Introduction to International Relations 
SOC 460 Comparative Cultures and Societies 

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