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MA Exam and Program Information for Students Who Began Coursework before January 2014

As many students who began the MA program before January 2014 may be aware, the English Department has made some changes to the MA program in recent years. The two main changes have been revising the type of reading lists that the MA exam is based on and the addition of more courses in the areas of writing, rhetoric and composition, and linguistics. The rationale for the new reading lists was to bring the lists for the exam into line with the general practices of most MA programs in English, as well as to reflect the new range of coursework in the fields mentioned above.

Students who began the program prior to the formal adoption of new reading lists for the MA exam in January 2014 may continue to take the exam in the old format, but they may also choose to take the exam based on the new reading lists. Students who choose to take an exam on the new reading lists would choose three of the five subject areas to prepare, as outlined in the Guide to Graduate Study.

The documents linked to below provide information on both exams (in the Past Guide to Graduate Study), a comparison of the exams with some points to consider for your choice, the new reading lists in the five subject areas (combined into one PDF), and the current year's MA exam list for those eligible to take the exam based on the previous style of reading list (students who began coursework prior to January 2014). Students who have questions after reviewing the documents provided should contact the Graduate Advisor, Dr. Pauline Scott.

The exam dates for 2017 are April 7, June 23, and October 20. Exams will take place from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. in Rarick Hall 366 on the dates noted. Students are responsible for registering to take the exam with the Graduate School by each semester's deadline (February 29, June 19, and October 2, respectively). In addition, students must notify the English Department by email or telephone that they plan to take the exam no later than three weeks before the exam date.

Past Guide to Graduate Study (previous version, for students who began the program before January 2014)

Exam Comparison Guide

New Exam Reading Lists (all subject areas in one document)

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